DLRA Speed Week 2015 25th Annual Speed Week

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In 2015 we were lucky enough to receive a visit from the Sunrise Team as they were travelling around Australia. This turned out to be a great advertisement for Speed Week and the DLRA.


Worlds Fastest Jaguar - Gary Satara


Lake Gairdner, DLRA Speed Week, South Australia 2015 - Craig Feutrill - A small montage of vehicles competing at Lake Gairdner for the Dry Lakes Racers Australia Speed Week March 2015


Aussie Salt Racer NSR 150 - Paul Macleod - Australia’s Land Speed version of the USA’s Bonneville SpeedWeek, has just been completed at Lake Gairdner South Australia. Lake Gairdner is 250 klms South West of Port Augusta. To get there we travelled 2250 klm on sealed roads then another 180 klm along some of the bumpiest, dustiest dirt and gravel roads in Australia’s outback. I competed in 2 classes on my 2001 Honda NSR 150 SP. Production PP175 Class (no external modifications permitted ). I ran 108.25 MPH (172.5 KLMH) thats 4 MPH more than the USA record. Modified MPSG 175 Class (fitted Tyga Performance exhaust, TTGA Step Kit, Pod filter, Jet change and removed approx 10kgs of weight). I ran 115.283 MPH ( 185.5 KLMH) Now we are off to race at Bonneville with the Blown 100 which claimed 2 World Record speeds at Lake Gairdner. https://www.facebook.com/AAALandSpeed.... Special thanks to Paul & Matt of Tyga Performance for their assistance and excellent Motorcycle parts. http://tyga-performance.com/site/


DLRA Speedweek 2015 #1240 Peter Birthisel 1926 Indian Altoona - David Plecas


DLRA Speedweek 2015 #866 APS-G-250 - Peter Healey


Speedweek 2015 DLRA Lake Gairdner - coupe545 - I spent a couple of days at the Dry Lake Racers Australia Speedweek on Lake Gairdner in South australia on 23-24 March 2015 and this is what was there...


DLRA Speed Week 2015 #780 Ford BA Ute - MASTECAUSTRALIA - Unfortunately just after the change from 3rd to 4th gear at 150mph, cabin filled with smoke resulting in shutting her down. Should have been good for 230mph plus, bring on 2016!


"Glitter Guts" TR65 Triumph Thunderbird with T140 Engine 750-MPS-PG licensing Pass 128.808 MPH. Lake Gairdner, South Australia, 2015. Rider # 1271 Martin Hobson.

Posted by Sam Hobson on Saturday, April 11, 2015

Thank you very much to the people who submitted photos.

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