Speed Week 2017

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Speed Week 2017

1936 Hudson Terraplane 150 mph run Speedweek 2017


Rob Waters - setting the record


オーストラリア DLRA 2017 TZR50R 最高速 チャレンジ!


193.061 MPH - Worlds Fastest Velocette & Single Cylinder Anything - Lake Gairdner


Bronze Aussie DLRA Speedweek 2017


TerraPlane in Full Flight 2017 DLRA Speedweek


Finny on GT750


Samantha Petersen ZX12 2017 DLRA Speedweek


AAA Racing 2017 DLRA Speedweek


A Beemer on the Salt .... A howl unlike the other Cars


Tim Lewis form the USA and his Very Fit Crew Member


DLRA Speedweek 2017 Lake Gairdner South Australia


Flat Attack first run


Bronze Aussie at Startline


Bronze Aussie on Song


Mark Dunn and Rosie


Keith Turk at the start line


Flatattack at the start line


Gordon Nunn #1370 warming up on the rollers

Thank you very much to the people who submitted videos..


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