Speed Week 2019


Speed Week 2019


29th Annual Speed Week

Lake Gairdner South Australia

Monday 4th March to Friday 8th March 2019

The DLRA conducts its annual Speed Week at Lake Gairdner in South Australia. It's straight line speed on "the big white dyno", as fast as you go on a salt lake in the remote Australian outback. There is no setting like it anywhere in the world, it is a truly unique event in a spectacular location. There is an amazing range of cars, motorcycles and trucks dating from the turn of the century to modern day.
Spectators are welcome, but you need to be pretty much self sufficient.




2019 DLRA Rulebook: Is now available for download from the Rulebook page.



World Speed Trials: We have been asked several times if there will be an international event in 2019, the answer is no and the reason is simple, it's too much to expect DLRA officials to give up 2 weeks of their holidays or leave without pay every year, and it wears these people out. Hope you understand the work and dedication involved in putting on an event like this. We are already working towards a combined FIA & FIM meet for 2020.



New Classes: There have been a number of new classes introduced for cars and bikes. There is now a category for NASCAR styles from 1948 through to 2013, AUSCAR’s from all years and Supercars from 1991 to current. All these cars will pretty much run as they are / were with some modifications to roll bars and other safety equipment. They will run the same configuration and engines as they did in the day. There is potential to open-up more classes for circuit style competition vehicles in the future.
For the bikes we have the introduction of a Trike category.
See the 2019 rulebook for more details.


Introduction of Australian Records: One of the big changes for 2019 is that we will be moving from one pass records to two-run average speed records.
So you will now have a qualifying run to try and break the existing record, if successful, you then have to break the record again on a second, record run.
NOTE: The two speeds have to be over the same mile.
All existing records will effectively roll over to become the minimum requirement for the new records. The main reason for wanting to do this is to put DLRA records closer to an even playing field with other countries records. To facilitate these new record runs, track 2 will now provide a measured mile of timing. And we will be introducing an impound where vehicles that have qualified for a record will be checked and garaged until they are ready to make their record attempt. There will be a conditional exemption for vehicles with multiple
entrants to compete their record attempt in a timelier fashion.
More information will be available in the 2019 Rulebook when it is published


Speed Week Entries: The On-line Entry portal is now up and running, entrants can apply and pay on-line, payment options for lake entry, DLRA camping and t-shirts



Volunteers Register: The Volunteers Register is now open for 2019. All entrants must nominate for at least one job during Speed Week. Members and supporters are more than welcome to nominate as well, we can't run an event without our amazing volunteers.



Entry Forms: 2019 Speed Week Entry forms are now available for download.



Track Layout Maps: New layout maps for tracks, start line and pits have now been published. Please take some time and check them out for what has changed. Weather and conditions permitting, Track 2 will now offer a full timed mile.



Fuel Storage Register: To comply with Australian and South Australian Work-safe Regulations the DLRA will be introducing some changes in 2019.
It will be a mandatory part of Speed Week Entry form to attach a Fuel Storage Register and relevant Safety Data Sheets for each type of hazardous fuel stored and used within an Entrants pit. There are also regulations as to how fuel must be stored. The entrants pit will also be required to placarded with warning signs for each hazardous fuel type and the entrants vehicle will be required to display sign-age indicating the type of hazardous fuel used. Failure to comply with these regulations will result in an entrants entry not being accepted for Speed Week.



Volunteers Register: The 2019 Volunteers Register is now open. You can view all the jobs and see what work is involved. All entrants must volunteer for at least one session over Speed Week. Supporters and other interested people are more than welcome to nominate for a job, it's great way to meet people and help with the event. There are many jobs where you don't need specific skills. But if you have experience in a particular area we'd love to hear from you too.



Issue 62 (July) of the DLRA Newsletter published



Timing PlaqueNEW!! Timing Plaques are back!!

Speed Week Entrants can now order an engraved timing plaque with their results on it.

Order Form now available.



To enter Speed Week

1 Join, or renew, your membership
• You must be a DLRA member to enter Speed Week
• There is a once off joining fee to be a member of the club, this includes subscription for that year.
• Existing members will have received a renewal notice to pay their annual subscription or have the opportunity to pay as part of their entry..
2 Complete your entry on-line (or download a form)

• Entry Form to be clearly filled out & signed by Owner & Driver or Rider.
• Secondary Driver(s) or Rider(s) must fill out and sign their own entry form.
• Double Check the Computer Codes for your CAR or BIKE on your Entry Form .
• The Medical Forms must be completely filled out, boxes checked, signed & dated.
• Entry form is not complete until payment has cleared.
• Nominate for your VOLUNTEER DUTY
NEW for 2019, it will be mandatory for all entrants to complete a Fuel Storage Register and attach the relevant Safety Data Sheets to their entry.
Entry forms that are incomplete will be returned to you.

then when you get to the salt, set up in the pits, and then


Head to Registration

Registration Van opens Friday.
• Pick up your Entrant Pack containing a copy of your entry, a tech inspection sheet, a program, your entrant wrist band and crew wrist bands

• All entrants must pick up their own pack at Registration in case there is any last minute information or questions about your entry.
• New vehicles issued with DLRA Log Book.
• New Entrants (Rookies) Issued with DLRA License.

• Listen to the Entrant and Rookie Orientation presentation.
• No Alcoholic Beverages in Registration area during business hours.

4 Go to Technical Inspection
Tech Inspection opens Friday Afternoon
• You must take your DLRA Vehicle Log Book
• All Drivers or Riders are to present at Tech Inspection with their personal safety gear. Remember to check the compliance labels and dates on your gear.
Tender vehicles must be presented at the same time for inspection, fitted with all safety equipment as required.
• After your vehicle is inspected, return the Inspection Sheet(s) to Registration to be given your Inspection Sticker, no sticker - no race
• No Alcoholic Beverages in Tech Inspection area during business hours
4 Attend the Drivers Briefing
• All Entrants must attend the drivers briefing held at the Tech Inspection Area in the pits at 4.00pm. on the Sunday afternoon. A roll of entrants will be called, if your name is not ticked off, you cannot race until you have attended a briefing.
After the drivers briefing there will be a drive of the track. Rookies or first time entrants may have to attend a separate briefing




Entries for the 29th Annual 2019 Speed Week are now open. As completed entries are received they will be added to this list.

  • Pre-Entries will close on 10/02/2019, late entries incur a late entry fee after that date.
  • Record Speeds shown in GREEN are the highest speed attained for that class from all previous years
    or have never had a vehicle register a speed for that class and are considered Open.
  • Speeds shown to 3 decimal places, speeds to be confirmed by Timer.
  • Personal Best; is the personal best speed for that entrant, in that class.
  • VR* - those entrants marked with an "*" have nominated for the Volunteers Register (Note: All entrants are expected to nominate for at least one shift doing something)
  • Not Active - these entrants have not paid their 2019 DLRA subscription fee yet. Their results will not be recorded in the official results until such time that the fees are paid. Members can pay their fees at the Registration Caravan in the pits.
Member # Name Rookie Not
VR * Entry # Vehicle
Vehicle Engine
Colour Class Personal
178 Ronnie Stayt       178 MOTORCYCLE 2000 Kawasaki 1350cc 211 MPS-BF 460 Green 1350 MPS-BF - 235.740
783 Ken Robinson     Y 783 MOTORCYCLE 2008 Suzuki 1350 1350cc 211 APS-F 411 Black 1350 APS-F 222.772 229.753
783 Ken Robinson     Y 9783 MOTORCYCLE Suzuki 500 500cc 207 APS-F 411 Black / Gold 500 APS-F - Open
913 Peter Curran     Y 913 MOTORCYCLE 750 Triumph 750cc 209 MPS-PG 467 Red / Blue 750 MPS-PG - 128.058
965 Skip Telford     Y 965 CAR OR TRUCK 1966 Volkswagon G 309 BGCC 457 Black G/BGCC - 122.440
1016 John Kirchner     Y 1016 MOTORCYCLE 1998 Honda 1350 211 MPS-G 463 Grey 1350 MPS-G 148.810 232.889
1203 Rebecca Robinson     Y 1203 MOTORCYCLE 2011 Suzuki 1000cc 210 MPS-G 463 Black 1000 MPS-G - 201.975
1212 Matt Read     Y 1212 CAR OR TRUCK 1994 BMW M3 F 108 PRO 346 White F/PRO 168.856 168.856
1353 Craig Delforce     Y 1353 MOTORCYCLE 2010 BMW 1000cc 210 MPS-F 462 Yellow / Black 1000 MPS-F - 200.145
1353 Craig Delforce     Y 91353 MOTORCYCLE 2010 BMW 1000cc 210 M-F 454 Yellow / Black 1000 M-F - 183.852
1380 Steven Tatt     Y 1380 MOTORCYCLE 1981 Honda CBX 1000 1350cc 211 M-CG 513 Silver 1350 M-CG - Open
1381 John Harvey     Y 1381 CAR OR TRUCK 1936 Hudson Terraplane C 104 GALT 368 Black C/GALT - 218.512
1408 Jon Guidera     Y 1408 MOTORCYCLE 2011 Suzuki 750cc 209 M-G 455 Blue 750 M-G 150.653 163.368
1426 Rob Waters     Y 1426 CAR OR TRUCK 2016 Kenworth AA 102 MDT 343 Yellow AA-MDT 139.427 139.427
1426 Rob Waters     Y 91426 CAR OR TRUCK 1977 Kenworth AA 102 UDT 349 Yellow AA-UDT 137.279 155.749
1428 Frank Samson     Y 1428 MOTORCYCLE 2006 Suzuki 750cc 209 MPS-G 463 Red 750 MPS-G 147.783 187.373
1453 Rob Wekenborg     Y 1453 MOTORCYCLE 1997 Harley Davidson 1350cc 211 M-PG 459 Silver / Black 1350 M-PG 128.406 153.714
1484 Corinna Steeb     Y 1484 MOTORCYCLE 2015 Royal Enfield 650cc 208 MPS-PG 467 Red 650 MPS-PG 104.481 104.481
1550 Nigel Mountford R   Y 1550 MOTORCYCLE Triumph Rocket 3 3000cc   M-G 455 Black 3000 M-G - 124.866
1566 Benjaamin Versteegh R   Y 1566 MOTORCYCLE 1980 BMW 650cc 208 MPS-PG 467 Black 650 MPS-PG - 104.481
1569 Eva Hakansson R   Y 123 MOTORCYCLE 2010 KillaJoule Ω 216 SCS-Ω 522 Red Ω-SCS-Ω - Open
1578 Thomas Nelson R   Y 1578 MOTORCYCLE 2017 BMW S1000RR 1000cc 210 MPS-G 463 Black 1000 MPS-G - 201.975
1582 Andre Deubel R   Y 1582 MOTORCYCLE 1972 Moto Guzzi 750cc 209 MPS-PF 466 Green 750 MPS-PF - 131.406
1584 Jim Knapp R   Y   CAR OR TRUCK The Maro Special AA 102 BFS 306 Blue / Whie / Red AA/BFS - 345.125


Thank you to our very generous and supportive Speed Week Sponsors

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Contact our Marketing Manager - marketing@dlra.org.au


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AcknowledgEment of Country

We acknowledge and respect the Traditional Custodians whose ancestral lands we live and work upon and we pay our respects to their Elders past and present. We acknowledge and respect the deep spiritual connection and the relationship that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have to Country.

We also pay our respects to the cultural authority of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their nations in South Australia, as well as those across Australia.


Seven sisters and the Coloured Stone by Dorcas Miller, a Mirning Woman from Koonibba, South Australia