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World Speed Trials Australia #2

Lake Gairdner South Australia

Saturday 28th March to Monday 30th March 2020


World Speed Trials Australia
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This is to be a combined FIA and FIM event.

To be run under the regulations of the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) and it's Australian associate the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS), running international record attempts in FIA classes.

And the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (International Motorcycling Federation) (FIM) and it's Australian associate, Motorcycling Australia, running world record attempts in FIM classes. IMN number is yet to be announced.

All vehicles will be running short distance records for the 1 kilometre and 1 mile from a flying start.


The track will be a maximum of 11 miles long (weather and surface conditions pending) with the start of timing at the 5 mile mark in either direction.


The cost per entry is yet to be determined.
If the event is cancelled before the 9th of February entrants will get 50% of their entry fee back. After that no money back.


NOTE: Each entrant will need to submit their own world record attempt documentation with the FIA or FIM.

For more information on entering this event, check out Advice for Entrants



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03/07/2019   Expressions of Interest Announced



Entries will close early March 2020

Want to help? Volunteers are welcome!



People who have registered an Expression of Interest

Bikes: Eva Håkansson, Greg Watters, Jim Higgins, Kim Krebs, Erin Okonek, Mike Garcia, Ken Robinson, David Moore, Ronnie Stayt, Elliott Andrews, Don Misevski, Dave Plecas, Shane Reynolds, Shane Gaghan, Richard Assen, Dion Higgins, Benjamin Versteegh


Cars: Jane Hallam, Valerie Thompson (Marlo Treit), Norm Bradshaw, John Dent, Michael Brixton



# Name Vehicle Category Group Division Class Current Record Mph Current Record Km/h



# Name Vehicle Category Group Division Class Current Record Mph Current Record Km/h

* World Record Holder in this clas


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