Drivers Briefing

There will be a drivers briefing at the car inspection tent in the pits at 4.00pm on the Sunday afternoon before Speed Week (Subject to change).
ALL drivers must attend a drivers briefing, make sure you get your wristband punched.

After the meeting there will be an opportunity to drive Track 1 and have all the features of the track shown to you.

There will be additional Drivers Briefings on the Monday and Tuesday time and place to be advised.

You cannot compete if you have not been to a drivers briefing and had your wristband punched.


Race Director

  • If you become disorientated or lost while on the tracks, STOP. What ever you do, DO NOT KEEP DRIVING. It makes you harder to find and further for someone to chase you.
  • On track 1 when turning off the track, you do not stop until after your have cleared the "course clear" flag.
  • On Track 1, support vehicles must use the designated support vehicle track when travelling from the start line to the "track clear" flags at the exit point. Speed limit past the pits is strictly 80 km/h. Check Track layout map.
  • Support vehicle UHF radios must be tuned to Channel 10 whilst on duty.
  • On Track 1, all vehicles are running the short course, which means they turn out after the 3 mile and before the 4 mile. Only long course qualified vehicles can nominate to the starter that they want to go to the 4 or 5 mile.
  • Track 2 is speed limited to 150 mph for cars and 175 mph for bikes. To go faster you must run on Track 1.
  • Speed limit in the pits is walking pace only.


Chief Car Inspector

  • When you present your car for inspection you must also have your paperwork from registration. The driver and all his safety equipment, and the fully suited and strapped in driver will be required to perform a bail out from the vehicle.


Chief Motorcycle Inspector

  • When you present your bike for inspection you must also have your paperwork from registration. The rider must have all his safety equipment with him at the time of inspection. Helmet, suit, gloves, boots, under garments, etc. Bikes will be started and lanyards tested.


Chief Starter

  • The starter will be looking for the number on your inspected sticker to identify your vehicle. It is the entrants responsability to ensure appropriate placement of the sticker so that the starter can read it.
  • Only one entry sticker must be visible on the vehicle when it presents to the start line.
  • When you are at the start line you need to confirm with the starter what you are intending to do - licensing run, short course / long course. (eg. I'm a rookie doing my first run or I'm doing a short course for my 150 mph license or I'm attempting a record run on the 5 mile course)
  • When you are third in the queue at the start line, you should be ready to go.
  • The starters assistants are there to check that your seat belt is tight enough, your helmet is done up, your visor down.



  • Don't forget to pack your DLRA license and your log book!
  • Pick up your paperwork from registration before you go to tech inspection.
  • All entrants will receive a brief orientation when they present to registration, rookies a longer orientation.
  • You need to return your completed paperwork to registration to receive your inspected sticker. No sticker and the starter will turn you away.
  • If you are changing classes with the same vehicle, you need to pick up your paperwork, get your vehicle inspected, and submit completed paperwork to registration to receive your new inspected sticker.
  • If you need to pay for anything, bring cash as we do not have eft-pos facilities.


Fire and Rescue

  • On Track 1, if you break down or require assistance from fire and rescue, turn right off the track.
  • On Track 2, if you break down turn left towards the return road, if you require assistance from fire and rescue, turn right off the track.
  • If there is an incident on the track, under no circumstances are spectors, media, or crew to enter the track or surrounds, this is a prohibited area at all times and restriced to competition and official vehciels only. It is imperiative that this area is kept as clear as possible especially during an incident.


Track Drive

  • Do not drive on the actual track, you will drive along next to it.
  • Assemble at the start line with your UHF radio on Channel 10
  • The timing start point will be shown to you, note the signage.
  • The other timing points will be shown to you, note the signage.
  • The exit points will be shown to you, note where they are located and how they are sign posted, also note the all clear flags and position.



All first time competitors (Rookies) must assemble at the Car Inspection Tent after the Drivers Briefing for additional information, make sure you sign the attendance sheet.

  • Rookies are restricted to Track 2. You are restricted to under 125 mph or as directed. Once you have been observed made you're first pass sucessfully, your not a Rookie any more.
  • The DLRA run a graduated licensing system. Once you have made your rookie pass you can then attempt your Category D - 125 mph license.



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