International Visitors

These pages have been put together primarily for International Competitors and Visitors to help them get to Lake Gairdner for Speed Week. As more information becomes available it will be added to these pages


Importing a vehicle

Here are 2 shipping agent options that we can recommend


1. CFR / Rinkens

It will be best for the cars to be loaded and exit out of Los Angeles (Rancho Dominguez). We recommend CFR / Rinkens as the loading and shipping agent and suggest OOCL shipping line from California USA to South Australia.

Sail time will be about 4 to 5 weeks.

A recommended customs broker and clearance agent is Fracht Australia (SA). The landing agent will be Rapid Haulage at Port Adelaide. They will unpack without any concerns.

Will have indicative costs soon.



The best method of shipping this would be for the US entrants to establish what is known as a Carnet.
This enables the shipment to receive special status on arrival into Australia and provides exemption for any vehicle import permit requirements that Australia has as well as any duty / GST payment on arrival.
A USA based association needs to register for this ATA Carnet.

One of our USA agents will contact the USA team and provide Guidance locally to them locally. If possible it would be ideal for all the USA teams to ship the cargo in the nominated containers they already have.

There are also some stringent Australian quarantine regulations that need to be looked at.
And we expect these containers will be requested to be unpacked and inspected on arrival by the Quarantine officers.
On arrival into Australia, we can attend to customs and quarantine requirements that will be needed.

To get started email Theo, who will then get his agent in the USA to contact you.


Theo Pambris, Director


Unit 4/55 Kent Road  MASCOT NSW 2020


Tel: 612 8337 2400

Direct Line: 612 8337 2409

Fax: 612 8337 2449

Hours: Mon - Fri (8.30 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.)


Department of Agriculture

The other aspect you need to address when importing to Australia is the Department of Agriculture regulations and inspections. There is some great information available on these pages. Some of the things you will need to consider include having a certified contaminant free container and the certified treatment of wood used for packing in you container.
NOTE: Failing to follow these guidelines could lead to a significant delay in clearing your container from Customs and / or significant fumigation costs.


Swinglift container side loader in action


Once your container has cleared customs we have a large dedicated storage facility close to the Port of Adelaide to store your container and let you prepare for your trip to Lake Gairdner.

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