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Event Assesments



An Event Assessment is a required part of the officials licence upgrade process, along with training via the theory training module. If you have any queries on the following information, you can contact officiating@dlra.org.au to discuss further.



All Event Assessments must be booked via the DLRA Office, unless prior approval by DLRA has been obtained. There are Assessment Booking forms available on the DLRA Website CLICK HERE. 

Your local State Office will assist you with locating an assessor and appropriate event(s)

This process helps ensure that all the administrative elements are met and that the official(s) who conducts your assessment has the required qualifications to do so. This all means your licence upgrade can be processed faster.



Each assessment should be planned prior to getting to the event. You should be contacted by your event assessor(s) before the event to discuss the assessment and what to expect.



You are required to bring with you, a relevant Event Assessment form to the event(s) you are being assessed at. They are available for you to download, CLICK HERE. 



The preferred method of assessment is Team Assessing. This is where more than one person forms the Event Assessment team. It encourages a more transparent and robust assessment process by engaging a third person. Team assessing also allows DLRA to utilise the assessment expertise of an official with an Event Assessor endorsement, teamed with the subject matter expertise of another official with the appropriate level licence and event experience. This means you may be allocated two officials to conduct your event assessment.



Your Event Assessor(s) will evaluate your competence in the role that is directly relevant to the grade you wish to attain and discipline you work in. This will be based on the competencies listed on the Event Assessment form. Your assessment may be conducted over a number of motor sport events. At the completion of the assessment, make sure that the Event Assessment Form is signed by both yourself and the assessor(s).



You will then need to submit your completed Event Assessment Form to the DLRA Office for processing along with the relevant licence upgrade application form (officiating@dlra.org.au).

You may like to keep a copy of the form for your own records. You can also fill in a record of the Event Assessment in your DLRA Officials’ Licence Passbook (inside back cover).



If you would like further information on Event Assessments, please email officiating@dlra.org.au.


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