Ron Stayt #178

Walkerston, Queensland



Year   Vehicle   Class   MPH   PB   Record
2004   82 Kawasaki GPZ1R   MB/F 1350   159.602   159.602   Open
2006   Kawasaki   MPS/G 1350   204.000   204.000   204.603
2010   2002 Kawasaki 12R   MPS/F 1350   154.241   154.241   202.065
2011   2002 Kawasaki ZX12R   MPS/F 1350   Washed Out       202.065
2012   2002 Kawasaki ZX12R   MPS/F 1350   Washed Out       202.065
2013   2002 Kawasaki ZX12R   M-F 1350   198.446   198.446   143.266
2015   2006 Kawasaki ZX12R   1350 M-F   176.022 0.000   176.022   198.446
2015   2006 Kawasaki ZX12R   1350 MPS-F   -       214.874
2016   2000 Kawasaki ZX12   1350 APS-F   194.879, 188.363   194.879   221.206
2017   2006 ZX14 Kawasaki   1650 APS-BG   -       209.035
2018   2000 Kawasaki   1350 M-BF   166.728   159.602   159.602

MPH shown in RED is highest speed recorded for that class up and including that year.
Records shown are the highest speed attained for that class from all previous years
or have never had a vehicle register a speed for that class and are considered Open.

My name is Ronnie Stayt, DLRA member # 178.
My interest in land speed started when I heard wireless reports on Donald Campbell's efforts setting the World Landspeed record on Lake Eyre in 1964. As a kid this fascinated me, the fact that a car could go "so fast". Over the years since i have followed the fortunes of Breedlove, Noble and Co, admiring their achievements.
Being a motorcycle type person, the Streamliners of Leppan, Manning and Vesco really interested me. Then in the late eighties, articles about Dave Campos were being published in Easyriders magazine. Now this really got my attention, so much so I designed on paper, and dreamt of building a Motorcycle `Liner, however having a young family and a lack of funds kept it at the dreaming stage. Now 30years on, a few dollars in the back pocket, maybe ????.
The 2004 bike, "Black Betty" M/BF1350 Record @ 159.61mph.

  • Motor- 82GPZ 1100 Kawasaki.
  • Head- standard.
  • Valves- Manley Stainless.
  • Cams- standard, lc standard. 650 underbuckets.
  • Pistons- old MTC 1200cc 7:1 slugs. teflon buttons.
  • Crankshaft- standard, welded.
  • Gearbox- standard ratios, undercut.
  • Final ratio-15/30. (630 chain)
  • Turbo-RaJay. a/f B.25 (way to small)
  • Boost- 20lbs. Wastegate- old ATP.
  • Carby- 1.75" SU. (mongrel draw through set up)
  • Fuel- Alchol.
  • Ignition- Mallory Magneto.(35deg. advance)
  • Chassis-82 GPZ Kawasaki.
  • Rake- 44deg.
  • Wheelbase- 68"
  • Crank height- 8.5"
  • Rear Wheel- Hayabusa.
  • Rear tyre- Bridgestone 190/50. 40psi.
2004 was the first year that I have competed on "the salt".
Although she handled as if on rails, I have extended the wheelbase to 71", in an effort to minimise rear wheel slippage. The seat and handlebar positions have been changed, to help reduce frontal area. Also I will be installing a larger turbine housing to overcome the asthma she suffered. This bike will be run at the 2006 event, where after obtaining my 175mph licence, it will be what to see what she is capable of. The bike will be "for sale", as I now have a Kawasaki XZ12 to play with."
thankyou, Ronnie Stayt...