Gary Brennan #329


Shepparton, Victoria


Drivers Profile


Year Vehicle Class MPH PB Record
2015 1997 Falcon E/PRO 127.204, 155.152, 149.316 155.152 179.928
2016 1997 Ford Falcon E/GALT 152.033, 157.130, 166.436, 160.564 166.436 128.350
2017 1997 Ford Falcon E/GALT 160.915, 156.413, 150.15 160.915 167.629

MPH shown in RED is highest speed recorded for that class up and including that year.
Records shown are the highest speed attained for that class from all previous years
or have never had a vehicle register a speed for that class and are considered Open.


Vehicle Specs

Vehicle Make   Ford (Ouch!)
Vehicle Model   EL Falcon
Vehicle Class   E/GALT
Chassis   standard
Engine   4 litre in-line 6 cylinder
Gearbox   5 speed
Diff   3.00 : 1




  Nil, but debt of gratitude to Rob Carol

Career Highlights

  Lived and worked in England, European F2 & Pro-Car Championships
Time in Sport   45 years
Claim to Fame   Yet to come!
Other Interests   Family, 3 beautiful grand-children
Team Name    
Team Members   Rob Carroll
Tom Carroll,
Peter Warren
Team History   Still in the making
Best thing about Dry Lakes Racing   People met, friendships made
Interesting story   Have you got 2 or 3 hours?