Steven Harkness #643

Team Harky 

Morphettvale, South Australia



Year Vehicle Class MPH PB Record
2009 1981 Kawasaki GPZ MPS-G1350 119.047 119.047 204.603
2010 1981 Kawasaki GPZ 1100 MPS-G 1350 140.0 140.0 204.603
2011 1981 Kawasaki GPZ 1100 MPS-G 1350 Washed Out   217.443
2012 1981 Kawasaki GPZ 1100 MPS-G 1350 Washed Out   217.443
2013 1981 Kawasaki GPZ 1100 MPS-G 1350 110.0 110.0 217.443
2014 1981 Kawasaki GPZ 1100 MPS-G 1350 94.7 94.7 218.433
2015 1981Kawasaki GPZ 1100 1350 MPS-G 141.922*, 137.231 141.922 218.433
2016 1981Kawasaki GPZ 1100 1350 MPS-G

143.327, 146.939, 156.490, 158.445


2017 Suzuki Hayabusa 1350 A-G -   205.632

MPH shown in RED is highest speed recorded for that class up and including that year.
Records shown are the highest speed attained for that class from all previous years
or have never had a vehicle register a speed for that class and are considered Open.
* wind assisted


Vehicle Specs

Vehicle Make   Suzuki
Vehicle Model   Hayabusa
Vehicle Class    



  Cash for Scrap and scrounging

Career Highlights

  Built and prepared race and rally cars professionally for other. Now it's MY turn!
Time in Sport   since I was an apprentice motor mechanic in 1968
Claim to Fame   not going fast despite my best efforts. As an 8 year old I lay on the grass next to the straight of the Longford Flying Mile watching the F1 cars of the era
Other Interests   Looong walks around the world, war history, vegetable gardening, indigenous issues
Team Name   Team Harky
Team Members   Barbara, love of my life and pit crew for 40+ years, Des and Denise, motor sport competitors for 40+ years
Team History   Went for a look in 2007 (washed out) and have come back with a bike every year since, including the exclusive washed and locked in beach party.
Best thing about Dry Lakes Racing   The comrarderie, the very different requirements of land speed, last bastion of the back yard innovator
Interesting story   We were benighted on a tiny patch of ground trying to leave the lake in a storm. How quickly 25mm of rain changes the conditions