Push Cars / Support Vehicles

Push cars and or support vehicles can be used by teams for a variety of activities on the Lake. Typically they are used to push start a vehicle or provide starting equipment for a vehicle. They are also used for vehicle recovery at the end of a run.

Each Support vehicle must be registered and have 3rd party insurance and have a minimum equipment level and appropriate identification, including;

  • a flashing orange light on the roof of the vehicle
  • a 5 watt (min) UHF 2 way radio mounted in the vehicle
  • first aid kit
  • fire extinguisher
  • spill kit
  • tarps for the support vehicle and competition vehicle
  • identification that it is a support vehicle


Spill kit includes;

  • Wide flat mouth shovel
  • Broom and a small brush and shovel
  • Absorbent material, granules and or mat (diatomaceous earth or kitty litter)
  • Rags and or paper towels
  • Heavy duty plastic bags
  • Gloves (leather or rubber)
  • Eye and face protection
  • And a container to hold it all in that can double as a container for contaminants. Like the 52 litre bins you can buy at your local hardware. Or a bucket with a screw lid.


There are designated access roads from the edge of the lake to the pits and to the start line, from the pits to the end of the track and returning to the pits. Support vehicles must use these roads only at all times on the lake.

Drivers of support vehicles are recommended to attend drivers and or rookies meetings at the start of each day to ensure they have the latest information.


Support vehicles come in all shapes and sizes


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