1. Description

The DLRA are required to not damage the surface of the lake, as much as possible. To do this we lay mats at the entrance to the lake which is where the salt is the thinest and the traffic the heaviest.


2. Responsability

To lay the mats in such a way as to avoid damage to the lake surface


3. Tasks

3.1 Set Up

  • At the begining of Speedweek collect all mats from the storage containers at the DLRA camp, transport to the lakes edge and then lay them out.
  • The number layed or the distance covered will depend upon the condition of the surface.

3.2 During the event

  • Depending upon the condition of the salt surface and the amount of traffic on the mats, it may become necessary to move the mats to a new alignment.

3.3 Pack Up

  • At the conclusion of Speed Week all equipment is to be collected, cleaned and packed away and returned to the storage containers at the DLRA camp.
  • There are 2 crews to pick up the mats and return them to the DLRA camp and a third crew to wash the mats and store them into the containers


4. Equipment

  • There is a trailer specifically designed for transporting the mats which can be towed by a car or 4WD.
  • If available there is the small DLRA tray truck that can be used as well.


5. Escalation