Shade Structures

1. Description

There are a number of shade structures provided by the DLRA to protect officals and entrants.
There are structures for technical inspection, merchandise, start lines. There is a standardised construction for these structures which we have found to work best on the salt.


2. Responsability

Errect and dismantle shade structures.


3. Tasks

Set up

  1. Technical Inspection - there are 3 bays to be errected, located in the middle of the pits
  2. Merchandise - there are 2 bays to be errected, located opposite the registration van
  3. Start Lines - there is one bay to be errected and placed at the actual startline


  1. Return the technical inspection to the DLRA camp.
  2. Return the merchandise to the DLRA camp.
  3. Return the start lineto the DLRA camp.


4. Equipment

  • Truck or 4WD and the large club trailer

    5. Escalation

    For clarification of details during speed week, refer to Event Coordinator.


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