Vehicle Check

1. Description

The DLRA has an obligation to ensure that only a minimal amount of red dust makes it's way onto the Lake surface.

Also that as much as is posibble salt is removed from all vehicles as they are leaving the lake.


2. Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the vehicle check volunteers to carry out these 2 tasks by monitoring and assisting vehicles as they enter and leave the lake.


3. Tasks

3.1 Set Up

At the begining of Speedweek collect all eqipment from the storage containers at the DLRA camp.


3.2 During the event

  • Ensure vehicle owners use the blowers to remove dust from their vehicles before entring the salt..
  • Ensure that vehicle owners use the brooms provided to remove as much salt as possible from their vehicle before leaving the salt.


3.3 Pack Up

At the conclusion of Speed Week all equipment is to be collected, packed away and returned to the storage containers at the DLRA camp


4. Equipment

  • Blowers
  • Brooms


5. Escalation