Volunteer Register

As you all know Speed Week cannot operate without our volunteers, this register exists to ensure that we have the right number of volunteers where and when we need them. Even if you don't compete at Speed Week you are more then welcome to volunteer at Speed Week.

Each Speed Week Entrant or a member of their team must volunteer for at least one shift as part of their entry.
As an extra incentive, team members who nominate early will have a significant advantage when selecting their jobs and shifts, whereas later entries will have to take what ever jobs and shifts are left.


  • A job is one shift of a particular task that has to be performed. The task may extend over a number of days.
  • A shift is considered to be one half day. Some jobs by their nature, may be less than half a day.
  • All jobs must have someone nominated to them before Speed Week can commence.
  • If you nominate for a task at a particular time and you cannot for what ever reason fullfill this obligation, its up to YOU to find a replacement before your allotted time, otherwise the track will be closed.


This could be you



  1. Select a day from the list below.
  2. Fill in your details at the top of the page (name, team, member number, email address).
  3. Let us know if you have done this job before. This helps us make sure you get the right information.
  4. Tick the box for the shift you want to do.
  5. Select the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page.
  6. You will then receive a confirmation email usually within the week.


Or email your name and member number and the tasks you want to do to drylakesracersau@hotmail.com

Or post to
Dry Lakes Racers Australia
PO Box 349
Castlemaine VIC 3450






      Required   Vacant
  Thursday 28th February 2019   48   31
  Friday 1st March 2019   99   75
  Saturday 2nd March 2019   72   46
  Sunday 3rd March 2019   62   35
    Total   281   187



    Monday 4th March 2019   89   55
    Tuesday 5th March 2019   89   55
    Wednesday 6th March 2019   89   55
    Thursday 7th March 2019   89   55
    Friday 8th March 2019   41   23
    Total   397   243




  Friday 8th March 2019   56   49
  Grand Total   730   479


To give you a guide as to what we are expecting from teams, if we have say 200 entries, that's 2 shifts per team. Not a big ask when you consider each shift is only for half a day and they can be spread over up to 8 to 10 days.


See a list of job types and descriptions here.


NOTE: The number of volunteers nominated to any job is considered to be the minimum requirement. There are a number of jobs where if we have more volunteers, the time allocated to the task can be reduced. This is partiularly true of some set up and pack up jobs. (This is using the many hands makes light work principle)


Volunteer Coordinator

We are looking for a new Volunteer Coordinatorfor Speed Week 2019.

The Volunteer Coordinator can be found during Speed Week at the Vehicle Checkpoint at the edge of the lake. To enquire about volunteering during Speed Week head to the Vehicle Checkpoint.


Occupational Health and Safety

The DLRA is committed to providing a safe and practical workplace which will minimise risk to volunteers health and safety. As a registered volunteer you are covered by the DLRA's officials and Volunteers Insurance policy. To ensure your coverage, it is your responsability to sign on and off when undertaking your volunteer task during Speed Week.
NOTE: Each section leader will have a sign off sheet, it is the volunteers obligation to sign this sheet.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy


These people have already volunteered, why haven't you?

Name & Entry #   Member #   Team   Job Description
Trevor Beck   298       Communications
Gary Brennan   329       Camp Director
Rob Carroll   12       Event Coordinator
Steve Charlton   151   Club Animal   Race Director
Shane Ciccozzi   944       Fuel Monitor
Harry DeRee   199   Club Animal   Chief Starter
Rod Drabsch   811       Setup
Bob Ellis   202       Technical Chairman
Carol Hadfield   1003       Registration
Graeme Hadley   441   Spigot of Sunshine   Chief Motorcycle Inspector
Peter Hulbert   1118       Timing
Craig Jericho   1183       Ambulance
Scott Lewis   1128       Doctor
Ken Robinson   783   Black Ice Racing   SETUP-SUNDAY-AFTERNOON-BIKE-TECH-ASSIST-1
Rebecca Robinson   1203   Black Ice Racing  



Gary Satara   418   Big Gaz Racing   Lake Entry
Greg Telford   1049   Old Farts   Event Coordinator
Greg Wapling   226   Club Animal   Registration
Lionel West   272   Bronze Aussie   Chief Car Inspector
Bruce Willmot   1449       Chief Timer


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NOTE: As per Safe Work Australia, the DLRA is a group of people working together for one or more community purposes that do not employ any paid workers. Volunteer associations are not covered by the Work, Health and Safety laws. We do however try to follow the best practice provided by these laws where we can.