Wrights Air

Has been granted a Commercial Tour Operators License by the Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation to operate on the surface of Lake Gairdner

The DLRA have also permitted WrightsAir to take off and land from the surface of the lake to conduct scenic flights and and bring passengers direct to the Lake from where ever they choose.



Packages   Cost
Port Augusta to Lake Gairdner   $445pp
Whyalla to Lake Gairdner   $445pp
Wudinna to Lake Gairdner   $270pp
Mt. Ive to Lake Gairdner   $100pp
Scenic Flights over the Lake (20min approx.)   $100pp

Charter Flights


Flights are available from almost anywhere around the State of South Australia, direct to the Dry lakes Races, landing you on the lake surface, within easy walking distance to the canteen, the pits and start line.



Lindsay: 0488 304 601, matthewsla@bigpond.com
Matthew: 0468 933 409, chiefpilot@wrightsair.com.au
Office: 0886 707 962, info@wrightsair.com.au