DLRA Accredited Officials Training

DLRA Accredited Testing Officer (DATO) - Level 1

This course is designed to provide training to become a DLRA Accredited Testing Official detailing the actions required to select a competitor or official for alcohol testing, through to the reporting and referral to the Evet Committee of the Meeting following a positive alcohol confirmation reading.


Prerequisite for this specialist module is completion of the DLRA Accredited General Official Module to ensure a basic understanding of the structures and operational roles within motor-sport.


The Learning Objectives for this module are:

  • Create an awareness of the principles of the DLRA Anti-Doping Policy
  • How to follow the DLRA alcohol breath testing procedure
  • How to operate a Lion SD 400 Alcolmeter (breathalyser)
  • How to take a random sample from a subject
  • How to fill out the relevant paperwork


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