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5th - 9th March 2007

The event was officially cancelled at 10:30PM on Friday 2nd March 2007.
This was due very high water content of the salt over the most of the track. Also the only access point to the lake was unsuitable for all but light vehicles.


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From the Webmaster
this has been my first opportunity to update the page as I've only just returned last night.

It was with a great deal of reluctance that the 2007 DLRA Speedweek was cancelled, but it there was no alternative. The rains that fell in January were of such a volume that they were later to be classified as a "once in fifty year event". Inspections were made as often as possible from the air and the lake edge and once water had subsided there were several more inspections of the surface itself in the weeks leading up to the event.
There had been water on the surface of the lake in previous years and the event was still able to be run and this was thought to be another of those years. Last year (2006) there was up to a foot of water on the track on the Monday, but the track was usable by the Wednesday.
What makes this years lake different is that whilst there is a salt surface on the top of the lake, there is a layer of mud and debris under this 1" crust which a couple of inches thick and very soft, under that is the thick hard salt the we are familiar with. Along the track there were areas where this crust had hardened, but others where it was quite soft and easy to break through. It will be some time before a strong consistent hard surface returns.

The DLRA would like to recognise that large number of racers who made the trip out to the salt, even after they knew the event was cancelled. Especially the Gail Phillips / Doug Odom and Keith Turk teams from America. There was a record 72 pre-entrants and 2007 was set to become a very big event, had it run.

Rod and Carol spent about 4 hours Saturday morning contacting the pre-entrants and a notice was also posted to the DLRA forum. Frustratingly many had given incorrect contact details, so were late in receiving this advice, but this was obviously not the fault of the DLRA. (Entrants please consider this when you next complete your form. Also another good reason to pre-enter). Remember the isolation factor here, there is only one satellite phone at the camp and it did not stop ringing for the rest of Saturday. Also due to the ternary of distance many racers had already left, remember its 2 and a bit days from Sydney and 3 or more from Queensland! So many had left on the Wednesday or Thursday.

There was a General Meeting and AGM held on the Sunday at 3:00pm and then the auction about 9:00pm. which raised some money, but nothing like previous years. Animal even ran another auction on the Monday night for those that still turned up. There was a working bee at the ramp on to the salt where the level of soil was raised and extended out further onto the lake. Thanks to Len for the use of the loader and all those who helped.

We've all lost out in different ways and to different extents, but the DLRA needs your support now more than ever, in the coming days I will update the merchandise page for the goods that were available this year. Get in a help support the DLRA by buying up big and ensuring dry lakes racing in Australia for many years to come.

As usual there will be a Rod's Ramblings and a Presidents report to follow soon. We will also be trying to get a newsletter out as soon as possible. Keep watching this page as it will be updated often over the next couple of weeks.

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