Rookie Orientation

All first time Entrants are considered Rookies until they have succesfully completed their Rookie Run. They are identified by the use of a Rookie sticker affixed to their helmet, which remains for the remainder of the event. No other form of motor-sport will prepare you for the unique surface, procedures, rules and conditions. There is a special booklet prepared for Rookies and all Rookies are required to read it. They must also attend the Rookies Briefing on the Sunday afternoon at the Pits prior to Speed Week.


Rookie Orientation Booklet - Download here [PDF]


Rookie Runs

First thing Monday morning all rookies will assemble at the Track 2 Start Line with their vehicle, ready to make a pass. They will be observed making their Rookie Run. The Race Director and other observers will be watching to ensure firstly that the Rookie follows the instructions they have been given and secondly that they demonstrate control of their vehicle.

Rookies may be required to make runs at less than full throttle or less than full course length. Successful completion of the license requirements shall include, but not be limited to, starting line procedure, course navigation and shutdown procedure as determined by the Contest Board.


ALL NEW ENTRANTS MUST ATTEND THE ROOKIE ORIENTATION MEETING AFTER THE AGM on the Sunday afternoon. If you cannot attend this meeting for what ever reason it is up to the entrant to seek out the Race Director and arrange an alternative time. Rookies cannot run until they have attended the Rookies Orientation .


NOTE: Rookies must also undego an Entrants Orientation.


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