DLRA Speed Week Entry Form

Pre-Entries for Speed Week 2024 are NOW OPEN!

Note: Pre-Entries close on the 26th February 2024. A Late Entry Fee will be payable after that date.

Spectators can pre-pay for Lake Entry and camping at the DLRA camp on-line.

NOTE: Entrants, you will need to have the following information at hand when you make your on-line booking: member number, entry number, vehicle year and make, engine class and code, body class and code, team name, type of fuel, quantity and manufacturer,


To enter Speed Week

You can enter on-line by going to ONLINE BOOKING and pay on-line

Or you can download a SPEED WEEK 2024 ENTRY FORM [PDF] and post it in.

Use this form for all standard entries and for vehicles that will not exceed 175mph.

Entry Form


For entrants who are likely to exceed 175mph

It is the responsibility of the entrant to obtain and submit a medical examination form with their entry form if their vehicle is capable of 175mph. There will be services available on-site (for a fee) to undertake a Medical Examination if you find your vehicle exceeds your expectations during Speed Week.

Print this form and take it to your doctor.




For entrants wanting to run an additional class.

If you wish to run your one vehicle in multiple classes, you still need to enter the vehicle for each separate class.
Use the standard entry form above for the first class, then use this form for additional classes after that.

You will still have to pay an entry fee for additional classes, but the fee will be at a reduced rate.
Go to On-line ADDITIONAL CLASS ENTRY BOOKING and pay on-line.

Additional Entry Form

Junior Entrants Application Form

The DLRA have a policy relating to permitting juniors enter Speed Week. A Junior Entrant will be considered to be anyone under 18 years of age or an individual who does not hold a State License for the vehicle they are competing with.

If you are under 18 years of age, you need to download this form, fill it out and send it in before to submitting your entry.


Once your application has been approved, you can then use the forms above to enter Speed Week..

You may also need to supply a Deed of Appointment of Temporary Guardian [PDF]




  • Eligibility: All owners and drivers must be financial members of the DLRA. Owners / drivers under 18 years of age must have notarized consent from a Parent or Guardian.
  • Race Entry Fee: Every entrant needs to complete a separate entry form and pay an entry fee for each class you wish to compete in. However additional drivers in the same vehicle will pay a discounted entry fee. Current prices are on the form.
  • Lake Entry Fee: Entrants (and anyone else for that matter) must pay a lake entry fee. This is to cover the cost of leasing the Lake from the DEW and the indigenous observers.
  • Volunteer Register: Drivers, riders or members of their team MUST nominate for at least one volunteer job during Speed Week. Details must be provided on the entry form for it to be accepted by the Event Committee. If you do not volunteer for a job your entry will be returned to you. For more information about the jobs required or to nominate for a job go to the Volunteers Register .
    We also welcome anyone else who wishes to volunteer and help with the event, you do not even have to be a member.
  • Completed Forms: You are not officially entered until this entry form has been completed and returned to the DLRA office and recorded by the Speed Week Registration officials.
  • Class: You nominate the class and engine capacity you compete in, if you achieve a record you may then have to confirm / prove your vehicles eligibility.
  • Late Entry Fee: The cut off for this years entries will be several weeks before the event. There will be a late entry fee applicable after this date. The cut-off date is listed on the entry form
  • Lost Log Book: Replacement log books are available but there is a fee payable. Note: When presenting at Technical Inspection with a new log book your vehicle and your safety equipment will be subject to the same inspection as a vehicle presenting for the first time.



  1. Entrants can no longer just roll over an entry to another vehicle, rather you will be required to complete a current entry form and the monies will be transferred to the new entry.
  2. All vehicle class changes, after your entry has been lodged, will be documented on a form available from the registration van and that they must the signed by the entrant, the inspector and registration, they are to include a date and time. So if you are running a vehicle in 2 different classes you have to present the vehicle to the inspector prior to competing in the second class and registration can adequately notify the timers of the change.
  3. An additional class is considered a separate entry in every way and that a totally new (temporary for that year) entry number will be allocated for the additional classes. See the Vehicle Numbering page
  4. Entrants MUST display their ENTRY NUMBER and CLASS DETAILS on their vehicle. (There is no separate vehicle number required) See the Vehicle Numbering page for examples of what is acceptable.


Completed entry forms and payment to be sent to:
Dry Lakes Racers Australia
PO 349 Castlemaine VIC 3450

Inquiries about Entries

Phone : 03 5472 4629


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