All vehicles that compete at Speed Week must have a log book. It contains notes and approvals from the inspectors when the vehicle goes through Vehicle Inspection. Typically it will have instructions about what needs to be changed, added or improved the next time the vehicle is presented for inspection. It forms the competition history of your vehicle.


You will be given a log book the first time you enter that vehicle at Registration.

It's then your responsability to look after your log book. You must bring your vehicles log book with you ever year to Speed Week.


If you forget or loose your log book, you have to buy a new one and your vehicle will be subject to a complete inspection same as a new vehicle presenting for the first time. This will take you and the inspectors a lot more time.


When you present at Technical Inspection you will need to provide your log book, a technical inspection sheet and a copy of your Entry Form that is included in your entry pack that you picked up from Registration.