Dry Lakes Racers Australia Inc.

PO Box 349
Castlemaine VIC 3450
Ph:03 5472 4629


Committee Members and Officals 2024 - 2025

Management Committee

President Greg Wapling M: 0434 821 307
Vice President Scott Lewis
Carol Hadfield Ph: 03 5472 4629
George Dalby M: 0432 734 884
Public Relations Officer
Jean Paul Afflick
Phil Richardson
Media and Marketing Officer
Jean Paul Afflick
Phil Richardson
Advertising & Sponsorship
Corinna Steeb
Jon Guidera
DLRA Information Phone Mobile: 0490 488 100
General Enquiries Greg Wapling

Event Team

Race Director

Shaine Benson
Mark Dunn
Clerk of Course
Greg Wapling
Harry De Ree
Peter Hulbert
Technical Chairman
Bob Ellis Mobile: +64 212 433 191
Lionel West Mobile: 0448 733 240
Chief Car Inspector
Simon Black
Gus Cooper
Chief Motorcycle Inspector
Graeme Hadley Mobile: 0419 532 812
Richard Assen
Impound Marshall Arthur DeMain
Pre-Stage Marshall Rob Wekenborg
Emergency Service Coordinator
Russell Branson
Gareme Ward
Medical Services
Dr. Scott Lewis
Event Coordinator
Rob Carrol
Stan Suchodolskiy
Volunteer Coordinator
Pam Telford
Rookie Coordinator - Cars Mark Dunn
Rookie Coordinator - Bikes Grant Schlein
Junior Program Mentor Gemma McNabb
Rule Book Coordinator Gary Satara Mobile: 0409 196 025
Record Certification Greg Wapling
Entry Number Coordinator Greg Wapling

Operational Team

Camp Coordinator

Gary Brennan

Trevor Beck
Mt. Ive Camp Manager Steve Vorwerk  
SA Liason Officer Micheal Brixton
DEW Liaison Kim Krebs
GRAC Liaison Simon Black


State Delegates

We now have local delegates in most States for technical and other enquiries.

State Cars Motorcycles
New South Wales Gary Satara
Mobile: 0409 196 025
Dave "Bones" McLachlan
Russell Lowe 0404737639
Queensland Arthur De Main Paul McLeod
Victoria Craig Rogers
Rob Carroll
Ph: 03 5472 4370
Greg Watters
South Australia Michael Brixton
Simon Black
Martin Powditch
Tasmania Adrian Reid  
Western Australia Gus Cooper 0413 872 513

Jeff Lemon
Northern Territory Vacant Josh Schuit
Shane Gaghan


Category Representatives

Special Construction James Stewart Mobile: 0400 818 080
Vintage Steve Charlton Mobile: 0438 429 664
Classic Steve Charlton Mobile: 0438 429 664
Modified Simon Black Mobile: 0418 833 536
Production Steve Charlton Mobile: 0438 429 664
Diesel Truck Steve Vowerk Mobile: 0410 477 316
Motorcycle Graham Hadley Mobile: 0419 532 812
Ute & Pickup Chris Hanlon


Contest Board

  • The DLRA Executive Committee plus additional personnel appointed by the DLRA President and includes;
    President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Technical Chairman, Chief Car Inspector, Chief Motorcycle Inspector


Rules Committee

  • Rules Committee Co-ordinator (appointed by DLRA Board)
  • A representative of each category of vehicle or his/her designee (Special Construction, Vintage, Classic, Modified, Production, Diesel Truck and Motorcycle)
  • Technical Chairman
  • Chief Car Steward(s)
  • Chief Motorcycle Steward(s)


Technical Committee

  • Technical Chairman
  • Car Steward(s) / Inspector(s)
  • Motorcycle Steward(s) / Inspector(s)
  • Technical Committee Steward(s)


All positions within the Dry Lakes Racers Australia are honorary and voluntary. Many of the office bearers and committee compete as well as officiate at the annual Speed Week, not to mention the untold hours spent organising and answering queries during the year all whilst trying to make a living and keep the family happy. All members of the Dry Lakes Racers Australia are truly indebted to these people for without them, their would be no DLRA and no racing.


HONOUR ROLL of previous office bearers.


Any application for amendments to Speed Trials Results or Records must be made on the Results and Records Amendment Form.


Other Contacts


Senior Ranger, Gawler Ranges National Park
Regional Services
Department for Environment and Water


Mt Ive Station
PMB 16
Port Augusta South Australia 5710
Phone: +61 8 8648 1817 
Fax: +61 8 8648 1811


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