Land Speed Racing is one of the earliest and purest forms of motorsport. It has a long and very illustrious history, with many famous and decorated people recognized for their association and endeavors to go faster than any man has before. The rules have basically remained unchanged since the very first event. As a sport, in the main, it does not attract a lot of corporate sponsorship, due in the main to the lack of recognition and coverage by the general media.


Many of the vehicles are specifically designed and constructed for Land Speed Racing. All vehicles undergo detailed scruiteneering prior to an event to ensure they comply with the class rules and have all the required safety equipment installed. Competitors are attempting to achieve the highest possible speed with their particular class of vehicle over the measured mile. They are attempting to better the speed attained by a previous competitor and to have it recognized as a record.


The enormous salt lakes found in the outback of Australia have produced the ideal surface for land speed racing and are unquestionably the best in the world and there have been many World records set by special attempts by individuals. However it is only in the relatively recent past that regular organised meeting have been held for clubs to participate in Land Speed Racing. This is similar to the events held at Bonneville, El Mirage and Muroc in the US.


The Dry Lakes Racers Australia held it's first Speed Trials in the March of 1990 and has been doing so (weather permitting) ever since. It has attracted competitors from all over Australia, the United States of America, New Zealand and the UK.


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