The DLRA has a number of policies which will be routinely updated as they become available.



Member Protection Policy

In order to promote fairness in the sport, the DLRA has implemented and administers the DLRA Member Protection Policy. The policy is based on a template developed by the Australian Sports Commission and has been tailored for the needs of motor sport and the DLRA.

The DLRA aims to provide a fair and healthy environment for its participants and officials at DLRA events. The policy provides an avenue for dealing with harassment, child protection and unlawful discrimination in our sport in certain situations.

The policy requires that the DLRA has member protection information officers (MPIO’s) in place to administer the policy. The DLRA principal MPIO is Event Secretary, with other MPIO’s appointed as needed. Please contact the Event Secretary at first instance if you have any questions in relation to the policy.



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