The Australian Government Illicit drugs In Sport (IDIS) Online Education Program is now available.

The IDIS education program is free to access and provides practical tools and strategies to assist athletes, coaches and sports administrators make appropriate choices when faced with illicit drug issues in their sport.

The IDIS program offers the following courses:

- Athlete course: follows the story of four athletes who have it all in front of them and demonstrates the impact of their decisions.
- Coach course: provides the skills and knowledge coaches need to help athletes, set a behavioral standard, monitor it and take remedial action.
- Officer course: provides the resources for sports administrators to implement an Illicit Drugs in Sport program within their sport.
- Presenter course: provides the resources required to deliver illicit drugs workshops for sporting organisations.
- Athlete Role Model course: provides resources athletes need to deliver an IDIS workshop.

The program is designed to integrate with your existing training and education initiatives and can be accessed through  Upon completion of the course, the individual has the opportunity to print out a certificate of completion.  

The IDIS course is part of the Australian Government’s Sports Integrity Program and reinforces the Government’s strong commitment to the protection of sports integrity and to combat illicit drug use in all parts of the community.

If you have any questions about the IDIS program, please feel free to contact the National Integrity of Sport Unit at 


ASADA e-Learning – Get Educated

ASADA e-Learning is a new free and easy to use on-line Education tool developed by the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA). This on-line Education tool will make it easier for the Australian Motorcycling community to "Get Educated" on anti-doping.

What is ASADA e-Learning?

ASADA e-Learning is a free and easy to use on-line education tool developed by the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA).

The core six 20-minute modules, called Pure Performance Online, provides you with the opportunity to learn about the key areas of Anti-Doping. It covers topics such as prohibited substances and methods, therapeutic use exemptions, doping control and whereabouts.

A further 15-minute module will soon be available for those who want to be a Pure Performance Supporter. A supporter will be provided with information and resources to champion Anti-Doping messages in their sporting community.

For those who already have experience in facilitation, training or in education they will soon be able to complete ASADA’s Pure Performance Facilitator module. A facilitator will be provided with information and resources to run Anti-Doping education sessions within their community.

To become a Pure Performance Supporter, or Facilitator you need to complete the six 20-minute Pure Performance Online modules and then request the additional modules through ASADA e-Learning.

How do I "Get Educated"?

ASADA's Pure Performance Online Interactive Program, includes:

  • Self-Registration into the program via ASADA e-learning portal and then commence Program.
  • ASADA will maintain accurate up to date records of the names of who completes the Program.
  • Online Program to be completed annually starting 2011 and biannually with a Fast-Track refresher.

Anyone can get started by visiting

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