Occupational Health & Safety Policy


It is the policy and commitment of the Dry Lakes Racers Australia Inc (DLRA) to comply with Occupational Health and Safety legislation and to provide as far as reasonably practicable a work environment that is safe and without risk to health. The safety of employees and volunteers is of paramount importance to Speed Week.


The conduct of staff and volunteers with regard to their health and safety and that of their colleagues at the workplace is one of the highest priorities.


All those involved in any task associated with Speed Week will be provided with the appropriate information, instruction and education on safe working practices and procedures. They are expected to fully accept responsibility for their own safety and for the safety of those with whom they work. They will also be encouraged to participate in activities that improve the standards of workplace health and safety.


The DLRA understands that to reduce the likelihood of workplace injury, improvements through constant evaluation and monitoring of the workplace will occur through co-operation with staff, volunteers, Industry professionals and Motor Sport Agencies.


Our aim is to promote and maintain the safest possible work environment.



The DLRA will use its best endeavours to achieve a working environment that, to the extent reasonably practicable eliminates or reduces risks to health and safety by:

  • Conducting risk assessments on hazards and risks relating to the work of Staff and Volunteers;
  • Monitoring the health and safety of Staff and Volunteers;
  • Seeking advice on safety matters when required;
  • Promoting safety and welfare to Staff and Volunteers;
  • Working with Staff who are returning to work after illness or injury to assist their rehabilitation;
  • Providing training to Staff on work health and safety on induction and then as required;
  • Providing training and instruction to Volunteers as to the safe performance of their work as required;
  • Ensuring Contractors comply with their health and safety obligations by requiring them in DLRA contracts to address risks and have in place control measures to eliminate or reduce risks arising from their work;
  • Ensuring those conducting Permitted Events adopt any work health and safety policies required by the DLRA and address risks and have in place control measures to eliminate or reduce risks arising from their Permitted Event/s;
  • Consulting with Staff and Volunteers on work health and safety matters;
  • Reporting to the Board Members on work health and safety.


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