Entrants Check List

When you come to Speed Week, you're a long way from anywhere. You can't just go around the corner tothe local shops. Well you can but that's a good way to waste a day. Here are some check lists for you to use, so that you don't get that horrible feeling when you leave home that you've forgotten something.

Note: this is just a friendly reminder, please read Advice for Drivers, Constructors, and Race Teams


  • DLRA Entry Form (ideally you have pre-entered, but you can enter at Registration Van on the salt but you will have to pay a late entry fee)
  • ☐ Weight chart, with Centre of Gravity and Centre of Pressure marked on vehicle (175MPH+ cars only)
  • ☐ DLRA Log Book
  • ☐ DLRA Licence
  • ☐ Fire System charged
  • ☐ Parachute packed (where fitted)
  • ☐ Volunteered for at least one job during the week.
  • ☐ Signwriting (Vehcle number, Driver Number, class details)
  • ☐ Towing strap
Safety Equipment
  • ☐ Fire Suit and underwear
  • ☐ Helmet
  • ☐ Helmet support; an SFI 38.1 head and neck restraint is required, H.A.N.S. or Necksgen
  • ☐ Gloves
  • ☐ Boots & Socks
  • (make sure that the certifications haven't expired)
Tender Vehicle
  • ☐ 5w UHF Radio mounted in the vehicle
  • ☐ Flashing Orange Light
  • ☐ First Aid Kit
  • ☐ Fire Extinguisher
  • ☐ Spill Kit (shovel, broom, absorbent material, container, rubbish bags)
  • ☐ Tarps for the support vehicle and competition vehicle
  • ☐ Identification that it is a support vehicle
  • ☐ Tarps for all vehicles to park on
  • ☐ Shade shelter (and tech screws)
  • ☐ Bunt container for all liquids




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