The DLRA Speed Week is conducted at Lake Gairdner in the outback of the state of South Australia during the middle of summer. At this time of the year, it is one of the hottest places on earth. Entrants and spectators to Speed Week need to be well prepared and need to monitor their physical well-being each day they are exposed to these conditions.

Dehydration is common and many people who are not normally exposed to these severe conditions do not know how to monitor it or protect themselves against it.

To stay hydrated, you should be aiming to drink around 1 litre of water per hour.

Symptoms are Muscle Cramps, pale clammy skin, headache, dark colored urine and dizziness.

Treatment should be started immediately by cooling the person and giving frequent small drinks of water or a re-hydration solution.

Please take the time to read this flyer, print it off and pack it with all your gear.

Also available to download as a PDF file


Leg Cramps

A popular remedy for leg cramps is pickle juice, a shot either straight from a jar or one of the commercially available products. It's the high salt content that is believed to help, but also by triggering muscular reflexes when the liquid contacts the back of the throat




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