Junior Entrants

The Dry Lakes Racers Australia welcomes Junior Entrants to compete at Speed Week.

Junior Entrants are considered to be those under the age of 18 years old and/or those who do not currently hold a State drivers or riders license, but typically have competed to some level of competence in some form of motorsport.
Junior Entrants will be speed restricted based on their age and experience. There are certain types and classes of vehicles that we would prefer Junior Entrants not to compete in and once again this is based on age and experience.


There is a policy around accepting Junior Entrants to be able compete at Speed Week and an assesment application form to be submitted. The assesment will include a practical observation test and a written and verbal test.

We also provide a Deed of Appointment of Temporary Guardian form should the full-time carer not be attending Speed Week.


If you are considering competing as a Junior Entrant, please contact us early, so that we can work through any issues and prepare you for Speed Week.


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