Pre Race Meeting & Inspection Day

20th February 2000

With so many new cars and bikes competing this year for the first time, it was decided to hold a pre race meeting and inspection day at the Dry Lakes Office in Victoria. Whilst only 2 competitiors availed themselves of the opportunity to have their cars checked out, there were about 30 competitors at the meeting. We were also very fortunate to also have Chuck Salmen and Mary West from the U.S. who had just flown in that morning. It gave them a great opportunity to renew old friendships with many that they met when they were last in Australia in 1995.

News from the meeting was that there is now 43 competitors with still more coming in each day. One of the members, Peter Carpenter who was actually at the northern edge of the lake last Thursday reported that it was dry, this is usually the wettest part of the lake, so things are looking good. We are indebited to Andy Jenkins who will be at the lake a week before to finish off some of the improvements that he has been busy working on and he will remain the week after when Roscoe and his crew move in the week after the Speed Trials.



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