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14/12/2009 New Merchandise page goes live
Update Mailing List and contacts
Update index page with links to 2010 page and task schedule
14/10/2009 Update Task Schedule for all nominations received by email
11/10/2009 Update links pages
11/09/2009 Update task pages for Jobs Schedule
11/05/2009 Create task pages for Jobs Schedule
18/03/2009 Add photos to the 2009 DLRA SPEED WEEK page.
17/03/2009 Add photos to the 2009 DLRA SPEED WEEK page.
16/03/2009 Add photos to the 2009 DLRA SPEED WEEK page.
15/03/2009 First report and photos from the 2009 DLRA SPEED WEEK posted. General site update with new features including scrolling menu and new page footer to all documents.
03/03/2009 Update Entry Form page
23/02/2009 The 2009 SPEED TRIALS is now confirmed. There will be drivers meeting 4:30 Sunday afternoon Mar 8th and at the general meeting on Tuesday night Mar 10th. Even if you are not racing, teams and spectators need to attend the drivers meeting.
14/02/2009 The DLRA has now been granted a permit to run Speed Week 2009. The lake inspection will now take place 21-22 February and if the lake surface and the ramp onto the lake are satisfactory and we get no major rain before race week we will have a meeting. Look for a lake inspection report and final confirmation of Speed Week 2009 here from the 23 February 2009.
13/02/2009 DLRA to attend meeting in Port Augusta. Any news from this meeting will be posted on the forum in the Australian News section.
08/02/2009 Victorian DLRA members meeting held at Aussie Desert Cooler. The committee reported that all preparations for the 2009 Speed Week are now in place apart from securing a crew of first aiders to replace the guys from Wyallah. There is one last opportunity to obtain the permit necessary to run the meeting and this will occur on the 13th.
02/02/2009 Time for an update. I understand the membership feels left in the dark about what is happening with the permit to use the lake. I have tried to keep everyone updated as best I can through the forum. You must understand that these negotiations involve much more that just DLRA using Lake Gairdner. They are more about keeping the lake in pristine condition forever, so we and others can enjoy the lake not only for Land Speed Racing but also for the awesome natural beauty there. This lake and surrounding area holds a huge amount of significance to the local indigenous people and they are adamant it will not be destroyed.
Today, Feb 2, I received a phone call from the Native Title Claimants Solicitor advising me of a meeting in Port Augusta on Feb 13, which I am invited to. He said attitudes are changing positively, (for us and his clients), so I am hoping for a good outcome. Be aware that we still cannot have Speed Week until we obtain the permit. The committee is continuing preparations for speed week and I suggest anyone wanting to attend Speed Week exercise some patience while we try to sort out the permit. I will post more information as it becomes available and more discussion will undoubtedly take place at the meeting next Sunday in Melbourne, so those members that can attend, I will see you there.
Rob Carroll President DLRA #12
10/01/2009 First Meeting in Port Augusta with Indigenous Representatives
01/01/2009 The 2009 SPEED TRIALS is not yet confirmed, before The South Australian Department of Environment and Heritage will issue a permit for SPEED WEEK an Indigenous Land Use Agreement must be in place.
03/12/2008 The South Australian Department of Environment and Heritage (DEH) has given its conditional approval for the 2009 event. The condition is that there is agreement to the event from the relevant indigenous stakeholders. Ideally this would be in the form of an Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA).
DEH and representatives of the DLRA have been trying to get these indigenous stakeholders to a meeting for some time without any success. The DLRA committee has decided it is now at the stage where if we are to run an event next year this needs to happen now.
A letter to the Minister was drafted by the committee and all members and supporters encouraged to send to the Minister.




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