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  DLRA Annual General Meeting Sunday 17th June 2012
White Rose Receiptions
725 High Street Thornbury, VICTORIA
11:00am start. There will be lunch provided at $10.00 a head.

Speed Week 2012

Rain Date Speed Week CANCELLED 20/05/2012
Just had a phone call from Carol.
”I have just had a phone call from Peter Noy and it is official that we have had to call off our Lake Gairdner event proposed for the 28th May - 1st June, the guys inspecting the lake have found too many inconsistencies in the lakes surface and are unable to get enough good salt to run an event.”
The inspection team went out again this morning and could not find enough good salt for even a shortened track. The rain that came through yesterday was still laying on the salt.
As has now be discovered, the problem with this time of the year there is not enough sun or wind to dry up or push around any water. From this experience it would be very unlikely that this time of the year would be considered again.
Just to repeat Speed Week 2012 has been cancelled.



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