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12/03/2015 Just got off the DLRA Camp phone from Michael Brixton, Tony Cooke and I think Smurf who went out today to do a lake inspection. Quote from Cookey "Best I've seen it since I started coming out here."

The lake is dry and in their estimation will only require one pass of the drag to be ready.
To the south they went down past the start line and the salt was still good and travelled the full length of the track to the north for 15 km all good, even the creek between the 2 and 3 mile was very good.

The only bit of bad news was that the west side of the lake was damp and we may not be able to use the new track layout. This will be determined by the advance party with the surveyor on the Wednesday before Speed Week so we will just have to wait and see. The problem is more at the end of the new track 2 where entrants would be turning out, it's a bit damp just there.

The ramp onto the lake is very good, and has healed well but you can see some marks from last year, so they reckon we will be heading out just south of that.

The other good news is that the Road from Iron Knob to the Mt. Ive road has been recently graded and is in good condition and the Mt. Ive Road has been recently graded as well. Now the really good news, the road to the drivers camp has been graded and is better than it has ever been and the road from the camp to the lake has been graded as well!!
15/03/2015 Volunteers Register is now closed - Thank you to all those that have already nominated. Entrants who have not yet volunteered are advised to report to the registration caravan in the pits on the salt to make their nominations. We also welcome and encourage other people to volunteer as well. If your on the lake we need your help.
15/03/2015 Online Entries and Bookings are now closed - New Entrants are requested to report to the registration caravan in the pits on the salt. Payment for Lake Entry and DLRA camping can also be made at the registration caravan.
12/03/2015 Volunteers Register updated
10/03/2015 New Page created - Top Speed of the Meet along with Classes and Records page
10/03/2015 2015 Speed Week page updated
8/03/2015 Volunteers Register updated
10/01/2015 In response to the numerous requests there has been a new page created to monitor weather conditions at Lake Gairdner - Weather
27/02/2015 Lake Gairdner pages 2 & 3 updated
14/02/2015 About Us series of pages updated
11/02/2015 Competitors & Media pages updated

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