Lake Gairdner 2017

We have been very fortunate to have several people take some photos of Lake Gairdner in the lead up to Speed Week 2017.

The final insection of the lake will occur on the February 17.


22/01/2017 - Our patch of lake is mostly dry. There is a small amount of water on the western side. Once you get north of the islands, however, there is a huge amount of water. It shouldn't be a problem unless strong northerly winds blow the water south.


08/01/2017 So while waiting for parts and other things to arrive decided to have a look at the condition Lake so Friday morning we headed South and met up with Kranzy at The Iron Knob turn off. The road heading out was, as always dusty as hell and rough for the first 20 km . After that the road seemed to be in great condition , we sat on between 80-100kmh . Talking to Kerry the Scottish girl working at Mt Ive she said they had had 40mm of rain over a few days so we were pretty keen to check it out. What greeted us was the best salt we have ever seen :shock: . There were virtually no lumps ,very few growth mounds and it was hard!!!. Any lumps actually showed a pink tinge to them . We both agreed that you could of done a 150mph run there and then with out the track being graded ,beautiful .The Ramp is rock hard for the first 15 feet where the tide has lapped but then you can make out sand/mud underneath a fairly thin layer of salt. It looked better further out with no remnants from last year. There was standing water on the Northern side of the lake though so we decided to have a look. This must of been the remains of what Scotty saw from the air. When we got to it it covered a reasonable area probably 5mm deep.. Id say a couple of weeks of warm weather and it would be gone. We stayed at Kolendo that night and in the morning Kranzy and Phil the owner did a flight over the lake in the morning. They did see water in the far distance behind Alkatraz . So If the big rains stay away between now and race time I think we will have some very,very good race tracks!!

Regards Mal and Col
Vincent Racing Team.



05/01/2017 - Hey all, the High Viz Racing airborne reconnaissance flights have started again on New Year's Day. We will aim to get up there at least fortnightly, or after significant weather events.
Good news - given the recent weather we have had, there was much less water on the Lake than expected. The racing lines are all under 4-6 inches of water, but the ramp and (probably) pit areas are dry. Given the hot weather coming through, this will dry off quickly.
Have fun!

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