Marc Hossenloge #1342

Sydney Custom Spraypainting Racing


Year   Vehicle   Class   MPH   PB   Record
2017   2003 Harley Davidson Dyna   3000 A-PG   141.193, 133.650, 150.100, 145.891,
  -   Open
2018   2003 Harley Davidson Dyna   3000 APS-PG   90.416, 171.576, 171.046, 160.635, 167.108, 162.837   153.557   Open

MPH shown in RED is highest speed recorded for that class up and including that year.
Records shown are the highest speed attained for that class from all previous years
or have never had a vehicle register a speed for that class and are considered Open.


Vehicle Specs

Vehicle Make   Harley Davidson
Vehicle Model   Dyna Low Rider S&S
Vehicle Class   3000 APS-PG
Chassis   Stock
Engine   S & S (2020 cc)
Gearbox   5 speed
Diff   Chain drive



  Sydney Custom Spraypainting / P&L Performance Cycles

Career Highlights

  Vic. Champ HD twins 2003, drag racing 10.1 @ 136 mph
Time in Sport   7 years road racing HD / 5 years drag racing / 3rd year at the salt
Claim to Fame   2 Australian Records in 2 classes
Other Interests   Fishing, shooting, hunting
Team Name   Sydney Custom Spraypainting Racing
Team Members   Dennis Houssenloge (Father), Max (Son) Peter, Jimmy (Killer)
Team History   These guys have helped me for 20 years racing bikes
Best thing about Dry Lakes Racing   The remoteness, no dickheads, go as fast as you can
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