Speed Week 2018


Speed Week 2018World Speed Trials


28th Annual Speed Week

Lake Gairdner South Australia

Monday 12th March to Friday 16th March

The DLRA conducts its annual Speed Week at Lake Gairdner in South Australia. It's straight line speed on "the big white dyno", as fast as you go in the remote Australian outback. There is no setting like it anywhere in the world, it is a truely unique event in a spectacular location. There is an amazing range of cars, motorcycles and trucks dating from the turn of the century to modern day.
Spectators are welcome, but you need to be pretty much self sufficent.


New for 2018 is the WORLD SPEED TRIALS. This is an FIM regulated event for motorcycles and will run from Saturday 17th March to Monday 19th March 2018. For all information go to the DLRA World Speed Trails page or the World Speed Trails website


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Car Entrants, please make sure you check the dates on your Safety Equipment before you get to the salt;

  • Arm Restraints - 2006 to Present
  • Seat Belts - Max 5 Years Old
  • Fire Bottles - Certified/Recertified within the past 2 years
  • Helmets - Snell 2010 or Newer
  • Fire Doors in Special Construction vehicles


New vehicles, entrants who are presenting a new vehicle for technical inspection are strongly recommended to make it available on the Friday or Saturday before Speed Week as they take a lot longer to check. Each vehicle requires 2 inspectors and vehicles capable of over 175 mph require 3 inspectors.
Inspections once racing has commenced on the Monday are by appointment only.


To enter Speed Week

1 Join, or renew, your membership
2 Complete your entry online (or download a form)
  then when you get to the salt, set up in the pits, then
3 Head to Registration
4 Go to Technical Inspection
4 Attend the Drivers Briefing




Member # Name Rookie Not
VR * Vehicle # Vehicle
Vehicle Engine
Colour Class PB Record
454 Jeff Lemon     V 454 MOTORCYCLE 2012 Kawasaki 1650cc 212 P-P 425 Green 1650 P-P 197.314 208.153
484 Bob Lambert     V 484 MOTORCYCLE 1988 CBR250 MC19 250cc 204 A-BF 401 Black 250 A-BF 110.328* Open
965 Skip Telford R   V 965 CAR OR TRUCK 1966 VW G 332 GCC   Grey G/GCC - Open
1016 John Kirchner     V 1016 MOTORCYCLE 1981 Suzuki 1100 1350cc 211 MPSC-G 463 Blue 1350 MPSC-G - Open
1062 Jamie Lennon R   V 1062 CAR OR TRUCK 1968 Jaguar XJ6 Sedan E 107 CPRO 370 Black E/CPRO - 122.390
1197 Robert Wilson     V 1197 MOTORCYCLE 1988 CBR250 MC19 250cc 204 A-BF 401 Black 250 A-BF   Open
1212 Matt Read     V 1212 CAR OR TRUCK 1994 BMW M3 F 108 PRO 346 White F/PRO 165.708 165.708
1380 Steven Tatt     V 1380 MOTORCYCLE 1981 Honda CBX 1000 1350cc 211 M-G 455 Silver 1350 M-G - 202.714
1477 Russell Diffey R   V 1477 MOTORCYCLE 1923 Anzani 1350cc 211 M-VF 474 Silver/Green 1350 M-VF - 158.73
1482 Tony Lam R   V 1482 MOTORCYCLE 2015 Kawasaki 1000cc 210 M-BF 452 Grey 1000 M-BF - Open
  • Record Speeds shown in BLUE are the highest speed attained for that class from all previous years
    or have never had a vehicle register a speed for that class and are considered Open.Speeds shown to 3 decimal places, speeds to be confirmed by Timer.
  • P.B. (Personal Best) is for that entrant, in that class. " * " indicates that the speed shown was not eligible for a record.
  • VR - those entrants marked with an "V" have nominated for the Volunteers Register (Note: All entrants are expected to nominate for at least one shift doing something)
  • Not Active - these entrants have not paid their 2018 DLRA subscription fee yet. Their results will not be recorded in the official results until such time that the fees are paid. Members can pay their fees at the Registration Caravan in the pits.


Thank you to our very generous and supportive Speed Week 2017 Sponsors

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