Track Markers

1. Description

Track markers are placed on either side of the track surface to assist drivers and riders to stay within the prepared track area.


2. Responsability

They are placed approximately 200 metres apart to define the edge of the track and consist of 2 plastic poles and a black banner which is placed perpendicular to the track.


3. Tasks


  • Collect your equipment and proceed to the edge of the track.
  • One person to remain at the mile marker to sight the flags in a straight line down the edge of the track.
  • Second person to pace down the edge of the track approx 200 metres, they then look back to the first person to be guided on-line
  • Drill first hole and put in pole, then drill second hole and slide on black shadecloth banner.
  • Pace out another 200 metres, then repeat.



  • Take black shadecloth off poles and stack flat
  • Remove poles and stack
  • Return all equipment to equipment container


4. Equipment

  • Cordless Drill with a 19mm drill bit (to be obtained from event coordinator)
  • Orange plastic conduit (stored in equipment container)
  • Black shadecloth banners (stored in equipment container)


5. Escalation

For clarification of details during speed week, refer to Event Coordinator.