Water Monitor

1. Description

These water tanks are used to re-fill the portable toilets on the lake and at the Salt Bush Camp.


2. Responsability

You are responsible for keeping these water tanks full for Kenny who will be emptying the portable toilets of waste and re-filling with fresh water.


3. Tasks

3.1 Set Up

At the begining of Speedweek collect 1000 litre tanks from the shearing shed and the water pump from the fuel container at the DLRA camp. Fill from the water tanks behind the shearing sheds

3.2 During the event

The tanks will probably only need to be filled once each day. You need to talk to they guys with the vacuum tank to see when they want the tanks filled

3.3 Pack Up

At the conclusion of Speed Week all equipment is to be collected, packed away and returned to the storage containers at the DLRA camp


4. Equipment

  • 4 x 1000 litre tanks
  • Honda Water Pump
  • Truck or trailer


5. Escalation