Latest DLRA News 2003


05/10/200316 new profile pages added (now 104), members list updated, links added to profiles pages from members lists, drivers page and some yearly events pages.
01/09/2003The July Newsletter is now available for download
11/09/20032004 Speed Trials logo added to 2004 page.
20/05/2003The DLRA Rulebook is now available for download
17/06/2003The new Landspeed Books page is launched.
11/06/2003The DLRA Links page updated
06/06/2003The members (only) email page updated
19/05/2003The April Newsletter is now available for download
23/04/20032003 Speed Trials Bruce Ericksen Photos
06/04/20032003 Speed Trials Will Chapman, Chris Fraser Photos
31/03/20032003 Speed TrialsAndrew Parish Photos
19/03/20032003 Speed TrialsResults Posted
07/03/2003150 MPH Club page added
02/03/2003200 MPH Club page added
27/02/2003DLRA Bulletin Board Online
26/02/2003Lake Gairdner page updated, second page created.
26/02/2003Update 2003 Speed Trials Page
22/02/2003Move to domain name
28/01/20032003 Speed Week Logo posted