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Rod Ramblings

Well, our Annual Speed Week has come and gone for another year and I often wonder if one should take up heroin, poker machines or some other addiction that takes all your money and time but without the frustration's. We buy the best and it still breaks, we fit a Tremec and break it, fit a Doug Nash and break it, fit a Jerico and break it! What next, a Lenco has been suggested, has anyone got one they want tested? Oh well, lets see what the manufacturers at Jerico say!!
That big white Dyno sure tested the machinery this year, but you wouldn't miss it for quids. Wasn't it the best yet with all those 200 mph runs for the bike boys, they sure have guts and the ones that were so close. Congratulations boys and what about our one legged Harley rider Phil Cvirn and the 150mph run, that's a bloody good effort for both rider and bike!
I wonder if the smiles has left the faces of the Broughan brothers and Bob Ellis, although I'll bet it was reduced a little when Bob's bus blew up in Dubbo and it was a tow job back to Queensland.
Congratulations to everyone who ran and improved on last year's speeds and commiserations to the blow-ups.
Ray Charlton had quite a few bumps in the sump of his Chev as did Wayne Pickles and the broken pieces I saw from the engine of Nick Bown's VL would have bought a lot of good time at the Casino.

As John Lynch said the DLRA stands for Drinking, Laughing, Racing Association and I am sure everyone had a great time.

What about our hosts Joy and Len, did they do a good job or what! Great food, great prices, great hospitality and co-operation.

Thanks to the teams that bought air blowers, but we still had a couple of people who didn't really try and left tell tale signs in the pit area, lets not get too complacent, we can be refused permission at any time and then it's back to the drags for sure.

Congratulations also go to our Newsletter Editor/Webmaster Greg Wapling for being awarded the ASRF trophy at the recent Castlemaine Rod Run for his services to the sport.

The DLRA has received excellent coverage in the latest edition of Bonneville Racing News with front cover exposure headlined "Aussie Salt Meet" and pictures of Dennis Boundy's Grey powered FJ and Chris Fraser's Leyland powered bike. Further into the magazine there is a full page feature with pictures of Steven Stamp's and Ray Charlton's Roadsters and the Rod Shop Commodore with a story sent in by us, another page showing John Lynch's, Bob Ellis's, Leigh Fielder's and the Broughan's cars along with the bikes of Gary Peterson, Gary Baker and Greg Walters. Another full page features all the results from Peter Noy and a picture of Mike Davidson's Roadster and yet another full page featuring pictures of Phil Medlun's Roadster and the story of his exploits driving the car to Lake Gairdner and his week at the salt written by his mate Frank Groth. This story also features in the May Edition of "Cruzin" magazine along with the car being the centre page spread.


Stewards Report

This year was a meeting that started slowly, but ended fast. The track was closed to bikes on Monday afternoon due to a gusting crosswind of up to 35 Mph, and a strong tail wind on Tuesday allowed the track to be open, but prevented any record runs being made. My aim is to keep the track open as much as possible, if I think it is safe, which is why I ran cars only on Monday afternoon.
Unfortunately several cars and bikes expired on Tuesday, or the next run after, so missed out on making recorded runs. My commiseration's to them, and I hope they are back next year. The salt was the driest that I have seen in 11 years. The club truck travelling on the virgin salt to layout and drag the track had hardly picked up enough from the surface of the lake over the week to use on fish and chips. The surface of the track was excellent, with no deterioration over the week. I would like to thank the Bowman team for a fantastic track marking effort, as well as team Saville for the track layout and alignment.

28 records were set, and 6 new members of the 200 MPH club inducted. It has taken a while, but it was inevitable that the Suzuki Hayabusa's would be running over 200. Thursday afternoon was when it all happened. No wind, but the air must have been good, or else all the minor drama's had been sorted out by then. Greg Schlein, John Broughan, Paul Broughan, Gary Petersen and Gary Baker set records over 200 on Thursday afternoon, while Bob Ellis waited until Friday morning. Congratulations to all. Setting a record over 200 is not an easy task, shown by the fact that up to this meeting at Lake Gairdner, only 8 members had made it into the DLRA 200 MPH club.

Over 300 runs were made this year, and I need to thank a lot of people for this. It takes a lot of effort to organize and set up a meeting of this size, and it is the pretty much the same people each year to whom we are indebted.
Rod and Carol Hadfield and Rob Carroll for organizing all the things that need to happen before we leave home. Mike Davidson for the public liability insurance. Peter Noy and Eric for the timing, Cled and his merry bunch of starters. The CFS volunteers who give us peace of mind in case of an accident, that fortunately have not been needed, and hopefully never will.
Rob Carroll again for the running of the meeting, and John Dawson and Gary Baker for scrutineering.

This years meeting was hard on engines again, as it has been over the past few years, now that through either luck or management, we can prepare a track that has no soft or sloppy sections.

My team finally got our act together this year, although we had a few minor problems, both self inflicted. On Wednesday, we were running 196 mph, but could not get the engine to rev over 7000 rpm. Because of the power, we couldn't crank it up in the lower gears due to wheel spin, so I thought we had run out of grunt. Turned out that the rev limiter in the computer was set. Turned that off, then the clutch started slipping. Turned out the master cylinder had expired. Fixed that by driving without a clutch, just meant that we had to change early. The car has always handled well, but has never had the horsepower to make much of it. This year we found enough horsepower. I am not sure exactly how much, as the car was running 4 pounds higher boost at the lake than when dynoed at home, but I estimate around 450 HP at the wheels. A magnificent effort for a $440 engine and a $700 TO4 turbo. The engine has slightly larger fuel injectors from a 3 litre, and an aftermarket computer, but is otherwise untouched from what was bought at the wreckers in January. We were running 20 pounds of boost, at 7700 RPM for the long course, and the engine is as sweet as you could ever hope for. No blowby, no misfires. Two things I noticed that I wasn't really expecting was the acceleration of the car in 3rd and top. I was being pushed back in the seat, and the car was doing 200 by about a mile and a quarter. It was a huge buzz at those speeds, but I was expecting a long wind out. The other thing was the wind resistance. The first time I put my foot on the clutch after running the timing section, I thought I had released the chute, the car slowed so suddenly. It was like putting your foot on the brakes. If you want speed on a budget, a Toyota 1JZ-GTE could be the answer, especially if you have a liking for a 6 cylinder, and you can cope with a computer controlled turbo engine. If you do look at this, ditch the factory turbo's straight away. The ceramic wheels will give you plenty of grief. This year gives us a few firsts, and as this is my last chance for a captive audience, this is what they are: First home built car over 200.
First 6 over 200. Probably the fastest 6 in the country.
First car to lose a tire over 200 and not lose control.

At the moment we have no idea what to do for next year now. Should we re class the car with a smaller engine and start again, meet the safety for over 200, and crank it up as much as we can afford

After 6 years involved with the technical side of the club, the last 4 as chief steward, I think it is time to move on and allow some fresh ideas. I commend John Dawson, who put his hand up at the annual meeting, and was elected the new chief steward for the 2005 meeting, and wish him all the best. John has been to the lake many times as both spectator/helper and competitor, and he will make a fantastic chief steward. The job of chief steward has many parts, but the most rewarding part for me was talking to people over the phone or in person about the construction of a new car, and then having the pleasure of seeing them compete. This has never failed to give me a smile.
I hope the members have enjoyed the meetings as much as I have, and I look forward to next year.

John Broughan
Retiring Chief Steward
200 MPH club life member (At last)

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Big White Dyno


RESULTS Report  Results  Photos 

Results of Speed Trials 2004, March 8th - 12th 2004 - Peter Noy, Chief Timer
Any application for amendments to these results must be made on the Results and Records Amendment Form.

74 entrants, 47 vehicles, 316 runs.

PLEASE NOTE: Runs made on Tuesday 9th March are not recorded due to the weather conditions.

Records shown are either Open or a Record prior to this meeting.
Speeds shown in RED are records set for this year

Driver No. Vehicle Class MPH Record
John Lynch #092 Belly Tank A/BFL 237.451 297.939
Leigh Fielder #113 85 Pontiac Transam C/GALT 218.512 198.50
John Broughan #211 Bellytank F/BGL 204.127 145.155
Paul Broughan #259 Bellytank F/BFL 203.110 Open
Bob Ellis #202 65 XP Ford Falcon Coupe C/GCC 202.520 183.729
John Dent #253 68 Ford Mustang A/PRO 195.047 152.82
Norm Bradshaw #295 68 Ford Mustang A/PRO 194.887 187.696
Wayne Belot #247 34 Ford Roadster B/GR 181.726 190.003
Mark Hadfield #044 67 Ford Mustang D/GC 178.651 152.82
Ray Charlton #096 32 Ford Roadster C/STR 178.076 170.648
Chris Hanlon #251 63 XP Ford Falcon Ute C-M/UTE 165.654
Chris Hanlon #251 63 XP Ford Falcon Ute C-MF/UTE 174.861
Mark Bryan #292 69 XW Ford Falcon C/PRO 174.630 190.184
Michael Bowden #360 72 HQ Holden Statesman B/PRO 173.210 179.104
Aulis Soderblom #296 28 Ford A Roadster C/GMR 172.670 159.334
Steven Stamp #214 28 Ford A Roadster C/GMR 172.347 159.334
Jason VanDyk #325 84 Pontiac Transam C/BFALT 171.428 Open
Dean Soderblom #395 28 Ford A Roadster C/GMR 170.092 159.334
Daryl Chalmers #390 72 TC Ford Cortina C/GC 169.141 160.529
Bob Bowman #194 27 Ford T Roadster D/GMR 166.535 161.608
Nathan Lambert #326 84 Pontiac Transam C/BFALT 163.191
Darryl Hunt #093 80 VH Holden Commodore E/PRO 160.007 155.844
Ray Cooke #237 27 Ford T Roadster D/GMR 159.348 161.608
Trevor May #216 27 Ford T Roadster D/GMR 159.680 161.608
Mike Davidson #001 27 Ford T Roadster XF/FMR 158.618 153.087
Neil Jacups #217 27 Ford T Roadster D/GMR 158.311 161.608
Adrian Reid #331 93 Ford Falcon C/PRO 156.985 190.184
Harry De Rees #199 Holden Commodore E/PRO 153.879 155.844
Mike Davidson #001 27 Ford T Roadster XF/GMR 146.281 143.027
David Partridge #323 82 Mazda RX7 E/GT 146.127 Open
Graham Cain #249 72 LJ Holden Torana E/PRO 145.678 155.844
Norm Golgerth #250 72 LJ Holden Torana E/PRO 145.560 155.844
Terry Maloney #215 27 Ford T Roadster D/GMR 144.945 161.608
Colin Moore #294 72 LJ Holden Torana E/PRO 144.508 155.844
Phillip Medlen #401 27 Ford T Roadster C/GR 144.115 152.30
Bob Sherry #400 86 VL Holden Commodore C/PRO 132.139 190.184
Phil Stelling #285 68 HK Holden Monaro C/PRO 132.081 190.184
Wayne Pickles #397 68 HK Holden Monaro C/PRO 127.859 190.184
Greg Williams #398 34 Ford Roadster B/GR 119.236 190.003
John Burley #332 85 Nissan Bluebird G/PRO 116.084 117.527
Trevor Lehmann #403 54 FJ Holden XO/PRO 111.124 107.120
Dennis Boundy #283 54 FJ Holden XO/PRO 107.832 107.120
Leo Monaghan #271 72 LJ Holden Torana E/PRO 106.837 155.844
Norm Hardinge #201 34 Ford Roadster B/GR 83.884 190.003
Stan # Nissan Urvan E/PRO 75.853 155.844


Rider No. Vehicle Class MPH Record
Gary Peterson #394 2000 Suzuki GSX 1300R MPS/G 1350 204.603 192.250
Grant Schlein #371 Suzuki GSX 1300R MPS/G 1350 204.104 192.250
Gary Baker #282 99 Suzuki MPS/F 1350 202.065 Open
Greg Watters #379 2001 Suzuki Hayabusa MPS/G 1350 198.019 192.250
Grant Schlein #371 Suzuki GSX 1300R P/P 1350 196.42 189.953
Greg Watters #379 2001 Suzuki Hayabusa MPS/BG 1350 173.845 Open
Chris Matheson #380 2002 Suzuki Hayabusa MPS/G 1350 167.837 192.250
Ron Stayt #178 82 Kawasaki GPZ1R M/BF 1350 159.602 Open
Phil Cvirn #135 63 Harley Davidson Shovel Head M/PF 1650 152.775 Open
Phil Mumenthaler #303 78 Honda CBX M/G 1350 146.160 Open
Roland Skate #388 78 Honda CBX M/G 1350 143.769
Steven Barnett #391 72 Suzuki GT 750 M/G 750 142.608 149.377
Phil Cvirn #135 63 Harley Davidson Shovel Head M/PG 1650 141.933 Open
Ben James #389 78 Ducati SD 900 P/P 900 128.066 Open
Geoff Spurway #219 52 Trimph M/VF 650 126.408 Open
Ian Case #396 98 Suzuki TL 1000S MPS/G 1350 125.278 192.250
Paul Rogers #372 2004 XB 12R Buelle P/PP 1350 125.243 Open
Ross Northwood #377 2004 XB 12R Buelle P/PP 1350 124.826
Laszio Molnar #347 85 Harley Softail P/PG 1350 121.424 114.576
Paul Broughan #259 Honda P/P 50 36.255 Open


Driver No. Vehicle Class MPH Record
Wayne Mumford #078 Bellytank V4/GL Ignition  
Russell Mack #161 Belly Tank V4/GL Ignition  
Rod Hadfield #003 96 VS Commodore AA/FALT Gearbox  
Lionel West #272 96 VS Commodore AA/FALT Gearbox  
Derrick Borgas #335 80 XD Falcon AA/GALT -  
Graeme Turner #346 80 XD Falcon AA/GALT -  
Ray Cooke #237 27 Ford T Roadster D/GMR -  
Brian Nicholson #131 73 XA Ford Coupe C/PRO -  
Nicholas Bown #274 86 Holden Commodore C/PRO -  
Luke Hadfield #242 67 Ford Mustang D/PRO -  
Wally James #128 67 Ford Mustang D/PRO -  
Roger Hancox #399 80 VC Holden Commodore E/PRO -  
Andrew McCleery #334 85 Nissan Bluebird G/PRO -  
Peter Vansittart #150 52 Triumph MP -  
Stuart Penn #304 55 Vincent A/VBF-1000 -  

PHOTOS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Report  Results  Photos 

These Shockwave Slide shows were prepared by Hugh Martin from the Melbourne Age Newspaper with images and sounds captured by James Stewart at the 2004 DLRA Speed Trials. We are extremely grateful to Hugh and James for their work and to the Age for letting us continue to display them. They are the next best thing to being there.

A very big thank you to Frank Groth, Garry Allen, Gary Baker, Tim Vercoe, Gary Lambert, Greg Watters, Chris Hanlon and Steve Barnett for sending these photos.

Got any photos? Send 'em to me

PHOTOS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Report  Results  Photos