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PRE-ENTRIES ARE NOW CLOSED. Do not post or send faxes to the office as we will not have the time to process them. Present your entry form to the Registration Caravan in the pits on the Lake.
NOTE: any entries received will now attract the $165 late entry fee.



ON-LINE VOLUNTEER NOMINATIONS has now closed, late entrants will need to nominate for a job when they submit their entry form at the registration caravan.



LAKE CONDITION REPORT: Just had a phone call from Tony Cooke who with Michael Brixton, Marlo Treit and Les Davenport went to Lake Gairdner today for a final inspection.
They drove the 2 tracks for Speed Week and the 12-mile World's Speed Trials track and all were found to be in excellent condition.
We have a penotrometer that we use to test the salt each year, it wouldn't even go in!
The ramp is also looking good.
The Kingoonya-Iron Knob Road has just been recently graded and is in very good condition.
The Mt. I've road was also good as was the road to the lake.
The Target 550 boys were suitably impressed. They even went on a further 3 miles to the north on the WSTA track and it just got better.


01/03/2018   Wrights Air offers flights direct to the lake
    Got back last night from a visit to the lake . Its DRY with no standing water!! very hard and looking excellent :D . Its not quite as flat as last year with small salt mounds of 6mm or so but its looking really good. The Ramp is hard and dry . 
Mt Ive was 14c at 7am and was covered in low cloud yesterday morning . It maybe stinking hot through the day but it can defiantly cool down through the night so chuck in some warm clothes too. 
I came down via the Stuart highway ,Glendambo, Kingoonya to Mt Ive. This road is pretty chopped up in places and would be pretty rough towing a van or trailer. The road from Mt Ive to Iron Knob is in great condition in comparison. 
The outback is fairly green and it must of been a good season for wildlife. Roo's ,Emu's , Goats, Sheep and Wedgetail Eagles are everywhere so look out for them.
Cheers Mal #234
21/08/2017   Entries for the 28th Annual 2018 Speed Week are NOW OPEN. As entries are received they will be added to this list below.
Download a Speed Week 2018 Entry form (PRE-ENTRY is now closed)
Volunteers Register is NOW CLOSED
Pre-Entries will close on 4th March 2018, late entries incur a late entry fee after that date.
    2018 DLRA Rulebook is now available online
    Vehicle Class - entrants are advised to check in the current Rulebook that they are in the appropriate class. Technical Inspectors will now be checking for class suitability

Car Entrants, please make sure you check the dates on your Safety Equipment before you get to the salt;

  • Arm Restraints - 2006 to Present
  • Seat Belts - Max 5 Years Old
  • Fire Bottles - Certified/Recertified within the past 2 years
  • Helmets - Snell 2010 or Newer
  • Fire Doors in Special Construction vehicles
    New vehicles, entrants who are presenting a new vehicle for technical inspection are strongly recommended to make it available on the Friday or Saturday before Speed Week as they take a lot longer to check. Each vehicle requires 2 inspectors and vehicles capable of over 175 mph require 3 inspectors.
Inspections once racing has commenced on the Monday are by appointment only.