DLRA Accredited Officials

Screening Checks

This includes Working with Children checks, Disability Services Employment screening, Aged Care Sector Employment screening, Vulnerable person related screening, and General Employment Probity screening and Police checks, also known as National Police Certificates (NPCs).
Screening is about providing safe environments for children and other vulnerable people.


In South Australia screening checks are provided free for volunteers. There are 5 different types of assessments that can be applied for, none of which are considered mandatory for a DLRA Official or Volunteer due to the demographics and profiles of people who attend Land Speed Racing events.

Provision of these certificates to the DLRA is considered optional and at the discretion of the Official or Volunteer.


Police Checks

The DLRA is not registered with SA Pol for Police checks, mainly because most of the DLRA Officials and Volunteers are not put in a position where this type of check would be required.

Therefore any checks undertaken will be at cost to the volunteer and providing Police Check certificates is considered optional.



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