Paul Di Lizio # 1454

Paul D Racing

Cleveland QLD


Year   Vehicle   Class   MPH   PB   Record
2018   1978 CX Honda   500 M-PG   98.673, 110.756, 110.647, 115.592, 0, 83.496   -   114.025

MPH shown in RED is highest speed recorded for that class up and including that year.
Records shown are the highest speed attained for that class from all previous years
or have never had a vehicle register a speed for that class and are considered Open.


Vehicle Specs

Vehicle Make   Honda
Vehicle Model   1978 CX Shadow
Vehicle Class   500 M-PG
Chassis   Steel
Engine   500cc
Gearbox   5 speed
Diff   Shaft Drive



  Retro Motorcycles, Pirelli, Motul, Turuga Industries

Career Highlights

  Mx and trials bike riding, go kart racing, 1/4 mile drag strip racing and the odd Rally car race as co-driver, have all lead me to be here this week.
Time in Sport   Started riding bikes at the age of 11 and love all forms of motor sports since then but my passion is bikes whether it be dirt bikes or Moto GP bikes even now at 55 years of age.
Claim to Fame   Would like it to be here on the salt this week! Have a few others including marrying my wife 35 years ago and having two awesome sons.
Other Interests   Surfed all my life and love all water sports including boating, jet skiing etc. Love hot rods and fast cars as well.
Team Name   Paul D Racing
Team Members   Paul & Deborah Di Lizio, Joel Di Lizio, Zac Di Lizio, Evan & Teresa Stewart
Team History   We have all been cheer squad / support crew for the past 45 years.
Best thing about Dry Lakes Racing   "The Challenge" Came down as a spectator last year and we are here racing this year. Finding that it's the only racing where you select a class and go about gathering all the ingenuity necessary to carry it out and hopefully get a record.
Interesting story   A few years back I painted George Harrison's (The Beatles) home on Hamilton Island!