Hall of FAme - Class of 2016


Mike Davidson #1

Mike is a founding member of the club and is one of the original group that gained access to Lake Gairdner, where we conduct our event each year.
Mike served as the inaugural Club President and held this position for a period of 5 years, during this time he helped to negotiate the terms and conditions so that Speed Week could run each year.
He was a racer of various vehicles and still holds records in numerous classes.
Some 10 or more years ago, Mike started the construction of his current car, but due to a serious health condition, the progress slowed dramatically. The car debuted in 2014 and certainly caught the attention of every person at the lake. Minot glitches combined with Mike's condition has held the car back, but I know with a young and capable drier, we will see the car reach its full potential and reward our #1 member with the credit he so richly deserves.


Carol Hadfield #1003

Carol has contributed to the running of the club for many years, a long time before she was even a member, doing the Secretary and Treasurer duties, then adding merchandise and more over the years.
Her contribution to the administration of the DLRA is much greater than most members would ever realise and without her efforts the DLRA would not be in the strong financial position it is or have the strength and popularity of the members and public as she is usually the first contact people make by phone or email.


Rod Hadfield #3

Rod is another of the founding members of the club. I just don't think that Speed Week would be the same if Rod was not in attendance, whether it be as a driver, adviser, organiser or in his newly acquired position as Merchandise Officer.
Rod also has a long and successful history on the racing course, all be it with some moments we would prefer to forget and he has provided lasting memories for all of us to remember in his extremely well prepared array of vehicles.
Most of the gear is stored at Rod's property along with the club truck which he also maintains.
He is also a very able assistant to his wife Carol in her role as Secretary / Treasurer of the club.


Rob Carroll #12

Rob is also a long-standing member of the club with membership #12 alongside his name just to put the timeframe into perspective. Rob raced in the formative years, but he felt he had more to offer, so he took on the role of Club President, a position he held for 8 years. The club was growing considerably, and with that growth came many challenges, namely the change of ownership of Mt. Ive station, continuing changes to the Aboriginal sacred land, acquisition acts, changing requirements of Government Departments in regard protection of the lake and it's surrounds and the re-location of the club camp.
Whilst some of the above-mentioned requirements will be on-going, all of these challenges were met head-on and dealt with efficiently , effeciently and in the best interest of the club at all times.
Though Rob has taken a step back from the executive, he still continues to serve the club on the General Committee, maintaining a keen eye on all matters of interest especially those that can offer long term benefits for the club.


Greg Wapling #226

Greg is our current serving Vice President and wears many hats in his role as an executive member of the club committee. Greg is an extremely skilled communicator, and regularly deals with the appropriate Government Departments in relation to most matters affecting our club, but is probably best known in the wider circle as the founder and administrator of the club web site.
The web site is held in extremely high regard both here in Australia and all around the up to date and allows for open-minded debate and opinion at times. It does not tolerate any form of abuse, be it directed towards the club or an individual and has a very strong code of ethics and guidelines, which are all reflected in Greg's own personality.
Greg goes above and beyond his call of duty in all the tasks he performs, with his sole interest to see that the club and its members benefit at all times.
One of Greg's main concerns is the health and well-being of all the people attending Speed Week, whether they be participants, officials, volunteers workers or spectators and for this we all owe a debt of gratitude for his concern, forward thinking, communication skills and his willingness to go the yard to ensure that we all have an enjoyable, memorable and most importantly safe time doing what we enjoy.


Andrew Madin #932

For as many years as we can remember Andrew has attended Speed Week, arriving early and without hesitation does whatever is asked of him, spending countless hours driving the tractor, dragging the track, pits and return roads. He arrives by himself with very basic camping gear. He has carried out the track preparation at all time of the day and night, sometimes right through the night to ensure that it is ready for Speed Week. Only those that have undertaken this work will know how much effort is required. He remains on call through Speed Week and is amongst the last to leave after pack up.
Andrew clearly does not enjoy the nest of health, but does not complain about the hot and thankless jobs he carries out.
He has not been a participant until 2016, having his first ride in competition through the generosity of a fellow member, he also attends meetings where possible through the year. We feel that without people such as Andrew and their dedication, the DLRA may not exist.


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