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Morwell Victoria

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Year   Vehicle   Class   MPH   PB   Record
1993   1934 Ford Roadster   XF/GR   89.62   89.62   109.76
1994   1934 Ford Roadster   D/FR   124.27   124.27   Open
1994   1934 Ford Roadster   D/GR   116.82   116.82   Open
1995   1973 XA Ford Falcon Coupe   B/GC   148.05   148.05   Open
1998   1973 XA Ford Falcon Coupe   C/PRO   153.009   153.009   142.48
2009   1995 Datsun 260Z   B/MS   130.302   130.302   Open
2011   1974 Nissan 260Z   A/MS   Washed Out       Open
2012   1974 Nissan 260Z   A/MS   Washed Out       Open
2013   1974 Nissan 260Z   A/MS   192.0   192.0   Open
2017   1974 Nissan 260Z   A/MS   95.857, 123.66, 156.087, 140.867   156.087   Open

MPH shown in RED is highest speed recorded for that class up and including that year.
Records shown are the highest speed attained for that class from all previous years
or have never had a vehicle register a speed for that class and are considered Open.


Vehicle Specs

Vehicle Make   Datsun
Vehicle Model   260 Z
Vehicle Class   A/MS
Chassis   Modified Stock
Engine   Ford 460 cu. in.
Gearbox   Ford Top Loader
Diff   Ford 9"




  I wish

Career Highlights

  1995 seeing Al Teague run his streamliner.
Running my Customline that same year (149mph)
Time in Sport   25 years
Claim to Fame    
Other Interests   Travel
Team Name   Moe Boys
Team Members   Brian, Bruce, Whitey, Dave, Phil
Team History   The team has been together since 1995
Best thing about Dry Lakes Racing   The remoteness, meaning only interested people attend - "No Dickheads"
Interesting story   The day when travelling from "the Knob", we all had a few too many and Dave had to drive the bus, he was 14 at the time.



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