DLRA Ablution Blocks Male & Female

1. Description

Cleaning of the Male and Female Ablution Blocks at the DLRA camp.

To volunteer for this job use the Volunteer Register.


2. Responsibility

To ensure that the ablution blocks are clean and tidy and fit for use.


3. Duties


4. Tasks

4.1 Set Up

  • General clean of floors, toilets, showers & basins.
  • Restock toilet paper in cubicles.
  • Check exhaust fans for birds’ nests, obstructions, seized motors, spin blades by hand before turning fans on.


3.1 Volunteer Instructions

On the day of your duty, you go direct to the ablution blocks.

Make sure you sign the Volunteers Book next to your name. (hanging on the wall)

The morning session is from 7.30am to about 12.00 noon. You can choose the time you clean.

The afternoon session starts at about 1.00pm till 6.00pm or close of business on that day. You can choose the time you clean.

Make sure you have a hat, sunglasses, sun cream. Protective equipment is provided with the cleaning equipment located in the womens block to the right just indide the door.

Please read this information about avoiding Dehydration and recognizing Heat Exhaustion or Heat Stroke.


4.2 During the event

Each morning and afternoon volunteers are to clean the ablution blocks, this includes;

  • removing rubbish,
  • shower and toilet cubicles cleaned
  • restocking paper in cubicles and
  • mopping floors.


4.3 Pack Up

At the conclusion of Speed Week

  • all rubbish is to be removed,
  • shower and toilet cubicles cleaned,
  • floors mopped and a
  • stock-take of toilet paper and cleaners taken and numbers given to the Camp Coordinator


5. Knowledge and Skills


6. Equipment

Mops, disinfectant, sponges, brushes, gloves will be in the female toilet block.
Toilet paper is stored in the male toilet.


7. Escalation