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Racing - Wednesday 25th March 2020

Online nominations are now closed. But you can still help out, come and see us at the Registration Van


To nominate,

  1. add your name, member number (if you have one), team (optional) and email address.
  2. then tick the box for the job you are volunteering to do.
  3. Lastly select the SEND button at the bottom of the page.
  4. You will then receive a confirmation email within the week


Volunteer Instructions

On the day of your duty, you report direct to the area you are working in, except for timing, you report to the Registration Van.

Make sure you sign the Volunteers Book next to your name.

The morning session is from 7.30am to about 12.00 noon.

The afternoon session starts at about 1.00pm till 6.00pm or close of business on that day.

You must be ready to start your shift at these times (so get there a little before).

Make sure you have a hat, sunglasses, sun cream, snacks. Water is provided from the DLRA esky at each station and there will be portable toilets nearby. If you have a UHF radio, tune to Ch10.

Please read this information about avoiding Dehydration and recognising Heat Exhaustion or Heat Stroke.


Each Speed Week Entrant or a member of their team must volunteer and sign off for at least one shift as part of their entry, failure to do so will mean your results are not published.

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(name &/or team)

Start Line

Track #1    
Chief Starter Harry DeRee #199 Harry DeRee #199
Assistant #1 - Undertake start line safety check Marc Houssenloge #13421 Sydney Custom Spraypainting Racing
Craig Holdsworth #1494
Assistant #2 - Undertake start line safety check Craig Houssenloge #1356 Mick Kosenko #1693
Assistant #3 - Position vehicles at start line Derek Godfrey Danny Plecas #1688
Assistant #4 - Position vehicles at start line Mark Clarken #1439 Glenn Torrens #1078
Track #2    
Starter Kimberley Cook Team Venom Kimberley Cook Team Venom
Assistant #1 Russell Lowe #1365 Michael Vella #1112 Team Venom
Assistant #2 Robert Mason #1630 Team SC Moto Jacob Golding #1643 Team Venom
Assistant #3 Julia O'Sullivan #TBA Mario Bauman #1685 NASCAR WOMBAT RACING
Fire Marshall Mario (de Janeiro) Baumann Wombat Racing Christian Roberts #1130


Track #1    
Chief Timer Bruce Willmot #1449 Bruce Willmot #1449
Timers Assistant Gemma Dunn #1149 D&D Racing Col Archibald #1561 Arch Rival Racing
Assistant #1 Brett Boardman D&D Landspeed Racing Chris Courtney Arch Rival Racing
Assistant #2 Adrian Braun #1312 Skrunkwerks  Position Vacant - Nominate Now
Track #2    
Timer Peter Hulbert #1118 Peter Hulbert #1118
Timers Assistant David Merritt #874  Position Vacant - Nominate Now
Track Debris Check Greg Butler #187 Greg Butler #187


Pre-stage Assistant #1 Jeff Haley #1492 Team J & L Machining
Paul Kilkenny #1694
Christopher Mifsud
Scott Pierce #1676 Gasp Racing
Pre-stage Assistant #2 Position Vacant - Nominate Now
Position Vacant - Nominate Now
Steve Rogers
Position Vacant - Nominate Now


Race Management    
Event Coordinator Rob Carroll #012 or
Greg Telford #1049
Rob Carroll #012 or
Greg Telford #1049
Race Director Steve Charlton #151 Club Animal Steve Charlton #151 Club Animal
Assistant Race Director Rob Williams - Club Animal Rob Williams - Club Animal
Timing Slips Jackie Williams - Club Animal Jackie Williams - Club Animal
Licence Pass Recording Club Animal Club Animal
Chute Pull Observer Club Animal Club Animal
Back up timing recorders Club Animal Club Animal
Photographer coordination Club Animal Club Animal
Technical Inspection    
Technical Chairman Bob Ellis #202 Bob Ellis #202
Chief Car Inspector Lionel West #272 Lionel West #272
Chief Bike Inspector Graeme Hadley #441 Graeme Hadley #441
Impound Officer  Position Vacant - Nominate Now Andrew Hallam #1574 HRD
Entries, class changes, memberships, log books, DLRA Licences, rulebooks Carol Hadfield #1003
Greg Wapling #226 Club Animal
Carol Hadfield #1003
Greg Wapling #226 Club Animal
Merchandise Tent    
Retail Jeff Flynn #1629 Team Bago
Steven Tatt #1380 Ace Tyres Singleton
Paul Cox #891 Ace Tyres Singleton
Alan Blackwood #671

Lake Entry

Lake and Camping Fees  Position Vacant - Nominate Now
 Position Vacant - Nominate Now
Jason Handy #1602
 Position Vacant - Nominate Now
Vehicle Check
at lake entry ramp
 Position Vacant - Nominate Now
 Position Vacant - Nominate Now
Peter Vansittart #150 Vintage Triumph
 Position Vacant - Nominate Now


Camp Manager Garry Brennan # 329 Garry Brennan # 329
Fuel Monitors

Diesel for camp generator Shane Ciccozzi #944 Shane Ciccozzi #944
Check and refuel blowers Shane Ciccozzi #944 Shane Ciccozzi #944
Petrol for Generators
- Registration, Timing, Startline
Shane Ciccozzi #944 Shane Ciccozzi #944
Cleaner(Abolution blocks at DLRA camp) Jeff Flyn Team Bago
Peter Emery #1570 Team Stuart Little
Gordon Crisp #1616 NFI Racing
John Murray #1386 NFI Racing
Cleaner (Mt. Ive Camp) Peter Birthisel #1240 Team Indian
Mason Birthisel #1684 Team Indian
Peter Birthisel #1240 Team Indian
Mason Birthisel #1684 Team Indian
Drag tyres on access road    Position Vacant - Nominate Now
  Total 95 volunteers required 14 positions vacant

Small Print

You expressly assume all risks before, during, or after the event including, but not limited to, injury from race track accidents involving vehicles of any type or parts of race track vehicles or injury from fires, and agree for yourself and your heirs, representatives, beneficiaries and assigns that the Dry Lakes Racers Australia Inc, its subsidiaries, affiliates, event participants, sponsors, sanctioning bodies, and any of their employees, agents, officers, and directors are hereby released from any and all claims arising from the event.

I HEREBY ASSUME ALL OF THE RISKS OF ATTENDING ANY / ALL ACTIVITIES ASSOCIATED WITH SPEED WEEK, including by way of example and not limitation, any risks that may arise from negligence or carelessness on the part of the persons or entities being released. Releasees include, but are not limited to, Dry Lakes Racers Australia Inc, its subsidiaries, affiliates, event participants, sponsors, sanctioning bodies, and any of their employees, agents, officers, volunteers, directors, and others affiliated with the event.