World Speed Trials Australia FIM-MA Swiss Performance Dry Lakes Racers Australia


World Speed Trials Australia

Lake Gairdner South Australia

Saturday 17th March to Monday 19th March


To be run under the regulations of the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (International Motorcycling Federation) (FIM) and it's Australian associate, Motorcycling Australia, this event is specifically for land speed motorcycles running world record attempts in FIM classes. They will be running short distance records for the 1 kilometre and 1 mile from a flying start.


The track will be 12 miles long (weather and surface conditions pending) with the start of timing at the 6 mile mark in either direction.


The promoter is Ruedi Steck from Swiss Performance

The cost per entry will be 1000 CHS (Swiss Francs)
If the event is cancelled before the 7th of March entrants will get 50% of their entry fee back. After that no money back.


IMN number is 197/01


NOTE: Each entrant will need to submit their own world record attempt documentation with the FIA.

For more information on entering this event, check out Advice for Entrants


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# Name Vehicle Category Group Division Class Current Record Mph Current Record Km/h
21 Ruedi Steck (CH) KTM 1290 Super Duke R 2017 I. A1 A I.3+ 1350cc 1 km: 188.727 mph
Mile: 188.598 mph
1 km: 303.726 km/h
Mile: 303.519 km/h
7 Valerie Thompson (USA) 7 Streamliner I. A1 C V.3+ 3000cc 1 km: 376.363 mph
Mile: 376.156 mph
1 km: 605.698 km/h
Mile: 605.366 km/h
379 Greg Watters (AUS) Suzuki gsx1300R I. A1 A II.3+ 1600cc Open Open
495 Kim Krebs (AUS) Suzuki gsx1300R I. A1 B II.3+ 1600cc 1 km: 212.424 mph
Mile: 212.410 mph
1 km: 341.864 km/h
Mile: 341.841 km/h
173 David Plecas (AUS) Honda CT110 125cc I. A1 A II.1 125cc Open Open
178 Ronnie Stayt (AUS) Kawasaki ZX12R I. A1 A II.3+ 1350cc 1 km: 204.072 mph
Mile: 203.998 mph
1 km: 328.423 km/h
Mile: 328.303 km/h

Ben Felten (AUS)

Kevin Magee (AUS)

2017 Yamaha YZF 1000 R1M I. A1 B I.3+ 1000cc 1 km: 221.863 mph
Mile: 221.748 mph
1 km: 357.054 km/h
Mile: 356.870 km/h
889 Steven Kell (AUS) Suzuki GSX R 750 I. A1 A I.3+ 750cc 1 km: 150.583 mph
Mile: 150.758 mph
1 km: 242.340 km/h
Mile: 242.621 km/h
519 Richard Assen (AUS) Suzuki Hayabusa I. A1 A II.3+ 1350cc 1 km: 204.072 mph
Mile: 203.998 mph
1 km: 328.423 km/h
Mile: 328.303 km/h
9519 Richard Assen (AUS)* Suzuki Hayabusa I. A1 B II.3+ 1350cc 1 km: 261.387 mph
Mile: 261.243 mph
1 km: 420.663 km/h
Mile: 420.429 km/h
1186 David Moore (AUS) Suzuki GSXR I. A1 A I.3+ 1000cc 1 km: 192.865 mph
Mile: 192.695 mph
1 km: 310.387 km/h
Mile: 310.113 km/h
783 Ken Robinson (AUS) 2010 Suzuki Hayabusa I. A1 B I.3+ 1350cc 1 km: 223.888 mph
Mile: 223.981 mph
1 km: 360.313 km/h
Mile: 360.463 km/h

* World Record Holder in this class


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