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Prepare for officiating Unit


Make pre-event preparations

  • Ensure you have the necessary training for the position you will be doing.
  • Read any documentation supplied by the event organiser and clarify any items not understood
  • Identify and prepare personal requirements and equipment and check for safe and operational condition
  • Prepare for conditions on the day, including weather, nutrition and personal comfort
  • Attend pre-event briefing session and confirm own role and responsibilities


At the event

  • Confirm with supervisor the designated work practices for carrying out assigned duties safely and effectively
  • Follow instructions carefully and remain alert to safety hazards and risks
  • Recognize own limitations and seek advice and help, when necessary
  • Carry out all activities according to event rules and regulations, official's codes of practice, organisational safety and emergency procedures


Review and analyze performance

  • Attend any post-event debriefing sessions
  • Reflect upon own performance and seek feedback to identify areas for improvement
  • Develop personal plan in consultation with support personnel for improving officiating performance
  • Undertake additional training in deficient areas to improve performance


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