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The DLRA conducts an annual event called Speed Week on the salt of Lake Gairdner in South Australia.


Speed Week 2016


26th Annual Speed Week

Lake Gairdner South Australia

Monday 29th February to Friday 4th March 2016



07/03/2016 Provisional Speed Week 2016 Results published
22/02/2016 Revised Catering Menu published
19/02/2016 There was an inspection of the Lake at 2.00pm on 18/2/2016 by DLRA and DEW rangers. The surface was found to be in as good or better condition than last years event. So this confirms the running of the 2016 Speed Week. See you on the Salt!
19/02/2016 Online Volunteers Register has now closed. Nominations can be made at the Registration Caravan or at the Check Point at the Lakes edge.
05/02/2016 There are still 8 rooms available at Mt. Ive station during Speed Week, to book call Joy Newton on 08 8687 0425. Also, anyone who has previously booked accommodation could they please call Joy to confirm
02/01/2016 Entrants list updated weekly from now on until Speed Week
01/12/2015 Volunters Register will be updated daily from now on until Speed Week
23/11/2015 Speed Week 2016 logo published
19/11/2015 2016 DLRA Rulebook final version complete and available online (v1)
17/11/2015 Added Heat Wave Service for Australia to weather page.
21/10/2015 New rules for Drones added to Media Advice
21/10/2015 DLRA Newsletter Issue 52 now published
21/10/2015 New Merchandise Range online
20/10/2015 New for 2016 is a recomendation for all cars that are capable of 175mph and higher to supply a weight chart when presenting for vehicle inspection, this is the weight over each wheel. This will be used to help entrants to present a well balanced and safer at speed vehicle. Optionally entrants can choose to determine their vehicles Centre of Gravity and Centre of Pressure. Please take the time to read this document which explains it all.- Race Car Engineering
7/10/2015 Online Entry Form now online Click to book!
02/10/2015 International Visitors pages online
14/08/2015 In 2015 we were lucky enough to receive a visit from the Sunrise Team as they were travelling around Australia. This turned out to be a great advertisement for Speed Week and the DLRA.
Watch the compiled video.
12/08/2015 2016 Speed Week Entry Form now online
24/04/2015 Dates confirmed for 2015-2016 season